C&C Red Alert 3: Soviets: Structures

Construction Yard:
The center of the Soviet base, the Construction Yard enables the building of new Soviet structures and provides a large build radius.

Reactors power Soviet bases. If you lose power, build times are doubled and radar is taken offline.

All Soviet infantry are trained at the Barracks and prepared (somewhat) for their tour on the battlefield.

Ore Refinery:
Ore Refineries are best placed near resource nodes, where the accompanying Ore Collector can quicky collect and then deposit the ore.

War Factory:
All Soviet vehicles are constructed at the War Factory.

Naval Yard:
All Soviet ships are constructed at the Naval Yard.

Crusher Crane:
The Crusher Crane provides an additional construction queue. In addition, it allows for Soviet vehicles to be broken down for scrap and reused.

Super Reactor:
The Super Reactor is a large risk. It provides a great deal of power, yet is highly explosive, so that when it blows up, a good portion of nearby buildings go with it.

Battle Lab:
The Soviet Battle Lab is an advanced tech structure that allows for the construction of high-tech weapons, just as the Battle Lab from Red Alert 2 did.


Defenses and Superweapons

Sentry Gun:
A weak gun, the Sentry Gun is similar to the Red Alert 2 Soviet weapon. It is most effective against enemy infantry and much less so against vehicles.

Flak Cannon:
The Red Alert 2 Soviet air defense returns, with similar attributes. It fires explosive Flak ordnance into the sky, damaging planes that it hits.

Tesla Coil:
Another classic Soviet defense, the Tesla Coil shoots a powerful bolt of electricity at enemy ground units, frying infantry and vehicles quite well.

Iron Curtain:
The classic Soviet superweapon, the Iron Curtain has two uses: it can kill enemy infantry, or it can make friendly vehicles invulnerable to enemy fire for a short while.

Vacuum Imploder:
This powerful superweapon drags all units in its blast radius the center of the weapon area, then explodes a powerful bomb, maximizing damage against the enemy.


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