C&C Red Alert 3: Japan: Structures

Construction Yard:
The center of the Japanese base, the Construction Yard enables the building of new Japanese structures and provides a large build radius.

Generators power Japanese bases. If you lose power, build times are doubled and radar is taken offline.

All Japanese infantry are trained at the Dojo and prepared for their tour on the battlefield.

Ore Refinery:
Ore Refineries are best placed near resource nodes, where the accompanying Ore Collector can quicky collect and then deposit the ore.

Mecha Bay:
All Japanese vehicles are constructed at the Mecha Bay.

Imperial Docks:
All Japanese ships are constructed at the Imperial Docks.

Nanotech Mainframe:
The Japanese Nanotech mainframe is the equivalent of a Battle Lab or Tech Center: it provides advanced technologies for use on the battlefield.

Defenses and Superweapons

Defender VX:
The Defender-VX can switch between an anti-ground mode and an anti-air mode. When firing at ground units, its machine gun is most effective against infantry.

Wave Force Tower:
An emplaced version of the Japanese artillery, the Wave Force Tower is the advanced defense of the Japanese, very effective against ground units.

Nanoswarm Hive:
A Japanese superweapon, the Nanoswarm Hive creates an impenetrable circular barrier when used. Neither units nor weapons can move through the barrier, which lasts for about 30 seconds. 

Psionic Decimator:
The most advanced Japanese superweapon, the Psionic Decimator targets enemy forces with a powerful psychic wave, destroying nearly all in its range. 


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