C&C Red Alert 3: Allies: Units


Basic Allied infantry. Utilizes a shotgun to decimate enemy infantry and clear out garrisoned structures.

Secondary Ability: Riot Shield: Allows the Peacekeeper to move towards the enemy while losing less health in the process. At closer range, its shotgun is more effective. Disables attacking and slows movement when equipped.

Has the ability to capture buildings, repair structures, and heal infantry. Slow and vulnerable unit.
Secondary Ability:
First Aid Kit: Can heal friendly infantry.

Attack Dog
Though low on health, these vicious dogs can quickly eliminate an entire infantry squad and are the only unit able to detect spies.
Secondary Ability: Amplified Bark: A bark which can stun enemy infantry.

Javelin Soldier
Allied anti-armor and anti-air infantry. Slow and vulnerable to machine gun fire and being run over by vehicles. More effective in groups.
Secondary Ability:
Laser Guided Mode: Using a laser guided mode negates the need for the soldier to aim before firing; this enables him to fire much faster and with greater lethality than normal. Bear in mind that acquiring the laser target takes some time, so this is best suited for heavier targets.

Non-attacking unit which can take the form of an enemy infantry. Only attack dogs will not be fooled. The spy can do the following:

    • War Factory: Sight radius around all enemy units
    • Power Plant: temporarily shuts down enemy power
    • Ore Refinery: steals

Secondary Ability: Bribe: Bribe nearby units to join your team permanently. Costs 1000 credits.


Allied hero. While faster than the Peacekeeper, she has the ability to swim. Her main weapon is only effective versus infantry, which she kills in one shot. Also uses C4 to destroy enemy structures and naval units.

Secondary Ability: Time Belt: She can Chronoshift to a previous location from a few seconds ago.


Riptide ACV
Armored amphibious transport. Secondary ability: Evacuate units.

Multigunner IFV
Extremely mobile and versatile
unit. can be garrisoned with units for other abilities:

    • Engineer: mobile repair vehicle
    • Peacekeeper: machine gun turret
    • Javelin Soldier: rocket turret

Guardian Tank
Cheaper and faster than it's Soviet counterpart, but is less armored. More effectt in large groups.

Secondary Ability: Target Painter: The Guardian has a rangefinder ability that paints targets, increasing the accuracy and firepower of nearby units firing upon the painted target.

Athena Cannon
The Allied artillery unit. Instead of artillery shells, this unit syncs with satellites to send a beam of highly concentrated solar energy to the target. Lightly armored.
Secondary Ability:
Aegis Shield: Forms an energy barrier which protects friendly units around it.

Mirage Tank
When stationary and not engaging a target, it takes the appearance of a tree.
Secondary Ability:
Gap Generator: Creates a small field which renders any friendly units inside invisible.

Allied ore collector and base expansion unit.
Secondary Ability:
Deploy: This unit can deploy into a Command Hub granting the Allied side ground control in order to establish or expand a base. However, each Command Hub must be upgraded individually.


Fast anti-air craft ship. Has no land capabilities.
Secondary Ability:
Weapon Jammer: Renders enemy units without weapons for a period of time.

Fast, cheap stealth units equiped with sonar amplifiers to boost their echo location to destructive levels. Increased efficetiveness in groups.
Secondary Ability:
High Jump: As Dolphins are confined to the water they are vulnerable to certain attacks, particularly Ackula torpedoes. However they can jump over these attacks on command to prolong their time in combat.

Aircraft Carrier
The most powerful unit in the allied fleet. It has the ability to launch six small, vulnerable, ground attacking aircraft to decimate their targets. The small aircraft are replaced automatically and free of charge.
Secondary Ability:
Blackout Missile: The Blackout Missile produces an Electromagnetic Pulse, disabling the electronics in enemy tanks and structures. Infantry are unaffected.

Assault Destroyer
Allied amphibious light tank. It can crush units on land and act as a naval cruiser in water.
Secondary Ability:
Black hole Armor: Backhoe Armour is truly a marvel of Allied engineering, allowing the destroyer to draw fire towards it whilst boosting its own armour to absorb massive amounts of damage for a short time. Great if a superweapon strike is heading your way.


Cryo Copter
This helicopter has the unique ability to encase enemy units in blocks of ice, thus halting their advancement for a short time.

Secondary Ability: Shrink Beam: Shirinks units down to a crushable size. The drawback is that the shrunken units have increased movement speed.

Standard Allied bomber. Bomb capasity is 2.
Secondary Ability: Return to Base: Engages auto-pilot and fires afterburners to return to the airfield.

Century Bomber
Allied ground suppression unit. The Century Bomber carries a large payload to carpet bomb any ground target. While possessing enough armor to withstand Anti-Air fire, it is nimble enough to utilize VTOL technology.
Secondary Ability:
Parachutes: When loaded with infantry, the Century Bomber cts as an paradrop at the selected location.

Apollo Fighter
Allied air superiority aircraft. The Apollo's forward mounted autocannon makes quickly shreds any air units which get in range within range, but cannot attack ground units. But, its speed is the key. The Apollo can be in and out before someone notices it.
Secondary Ability:
Return to Base: Engages auto-pilot and fires afterburners to return to the airfield.


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