C&C Red Alert 3: Soviets

In Red Alert 3, as in past Red Alert games, the Soviet army relies on brute strength to win on the battlefield. In addition to new versions of old favorites such as the Apocalypse Tank, the Kirov, and the V3 (now the V4), the Soviets also have a new group of weapons, such as Stingray attack ships (essentially Tesla boats), a powerful new Commando, and lots more. Read on for more about Soviets special build mechanic, their powerful units, and their unique structures. 

Build Mechanics

The Soviet build mechanic is very similar to the one from C&C Generals, though it varies slightly (longtime fans of this site might compare it more accurately to the build mechanic from C&C All Stars). Essentially, after clicking on a purchase icon for a structure in the sidebar, you click on the battlefield where you'd like to construct the structure. The structure slowly builds up, and is vulnerable to fire during construction--so protect it! The Soviets can build a special structure called a Crusher Crane that allows them to build more the one structure at once (similar to the Cranes from C&C 3). Structures must be placed within a build radius like in C&C 3, and teching up uses the classic C&C system of prerequisite structures. 



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