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We host several Command & Conquer mods - some already released, some currently in development. To learn more about a particular mod, visit its website.

Hosted Mods

» The Red Alert (for Red Alert 3) — Released

The Red Alert mod undertakes one of the most ambitious tasks in C&C modding: to recreate and improve upon an original game. The Red Alert mod brings the original title's art and gameplay to Red Alert 3.

» The Forgotten (for C&C 3) — Released

Detested, marginalized, and oppressed by the three superpowers, The Forgotten have begun to rally against GDI, Nod, and the Scrin. The Forgotten mod aims to tell their compelling story through a deep singleplayer campaign, unique faction composition, and engaging gameplay. The mod was released on September 21st, 2010, and has gathered international press attention, as well as highly favorable critical reviews.

» Advanced AI Mod (for C&C Generals: Zero Hour) — Released

The Advanced AI Mod for Zero Hour brings enhanced battlefield tactics to computer players in Zero Hour. This mod was created to overcome the Zero Hour AI's predictability: after you've played enough skirmish matches, it becomes clear that the AI uses the same tactics, builds mediocre bases, and often keeps too much cash in its banks for no particular reason. If you can already beat 7 computer players on the hard difficulty setting, or if you're just looking for a challenge, then this mod is for you.

» CnC: All Stars (for C&C Generals: Zero Hour) — Released

All Stars combines units and structures from every Command & Conquer title, with an eye toward creating a uniquely fun experience on the battlefield. In this mod, each side is a series from the C&C universe. The armies of the Global Defense Inititive, the Brotherhood of Nod and The Forgotten form the Tiberian Coalition. The might of the Soviet Red Army, the wit of the Allies, and the psychic powers of Yuri form the Red Alert Alliance. The high-tech power of the United States, the brute numbers and force of the People's Republic of China and the terrorist group of the Global Liberation Army form the Generals Elite. You, the player, choose one of these three factions -- the Tiberian Coalition, Red Alert Army, and Generals Elite -- and then pick a 'subarmy' to focus on. Once the battle begins, All Stars features an innovative recreation of past C&C game-play, including unique elements like the Airstrip, Slave Miner, and the Construction Yard-based building system, as well as dozens of past units and structures. The mod was released on July 17th, 2007, was named one of the top 15 mods that changed PC gaming, and has been downloaded more than 70,000 times.

The Power of High-Tech Warfare

» The Power of High-Tech Warfare (for C&C Generals: Zero Hour) — Released

The Power of High-Tech Warfare (TPoHW) is a total-conversion mod, created by German community member DetoNato and his team, which features a futuristic battlefield against a time-traveling cybernetic lifeform.  The mod combines classic C&C gameplay with new systems and an intense, complex story to form an exciting game world.  A beta version of TPoHW is currently available for Zero Hour.

» Real Threat (for C&C Generals and Zero Hour) — Released

CnC Generals: Real Threat is a mod that adds real weapons of modern war used during the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the overall War on Terror, and the threats America has faced. Ever wanted to lay waste with crop dusters? With Real Threat, you're able to. Where are the B-2 bombers in Generals? They've arrived with Real Threat!

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