C&C Generals

Generals LogoCommand & Conquer: Generals was released on February 11th 2003, by EA Pacific. It is the first C&C title to be presented in full 3D, using the then-new SAGE engine. Set in 2020, in a different universe than past C&Cs, Generals features a modern war between the United States, the People's Republic of China, and the Global Liberation Army, a fictional terrorist group. In September 2003, its expansion, Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour was released.

Command & Conquer Generals Information:

  • Storyline: Explains the storyline of Command & Conquer Generals.
  • Game Features: Lists the game features in CNC Generals.
  • Game Engine: Describes CNC Generals' SAGE game engine.
  • System Requirements: Lists the system requirements for Generals.
  • Generals FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Command & Conquer Generals.
  • Walkthrough: Walkthrough for the singleplayer campaign.
  • Chats: Archive of chats with the development team.


  • USA - The United States features an array of high tech equipment in its military, ranging from the Supersonic Aurora Strike Bomber to the laser armed Paladin tank. It relies on its technical advantages to defeat its enemies.
  • China - The Chinese Army is predicated on overwhelming force and numbers, using the massive Overlord Tank and hordes of troops to achieve victory. It relies on its sheer power to defeat its enemies.
  • Global Liberation Army - A fictional terrorist group, the GLA relies heavily on small scale units like Rocket Buggies and terrorist tactics like car hijackings, suicide bombers, and large Angry Mobs to defeat its enemies.
  • Civilians - The three major sides aren't the only people on the battlefield! This page contains information about civilian structures that may aid you in your battles.