C&C Red Alert 3: Japan: Units


Burst Drone
Quick scouting unit which can attach itself to an enemy vehicle slowing it down and revealing the area around it. Will be removed from the unit upon repair.
Secondary Ability: Self Destruct:
Detonates causing the destruction of the vehicle to which it was attached.

Imperial Warrior
Standard infantry unit is equipped with a machine gun.
Secondary Ability:
Banzai Charge: Equips a sword which kills in a single blow.

Has the ability to capture buildings, repair structures, and heal infantry. Slow and vulnerable unit.
Secondary Ability: Sprint: For a short time, the engineer's movement speed in increased.

Tank Buster
Anti-tank and anti-air infantry.
Slow and vulnerable to machine gun fire and being run over by vehicles. More effective in groups.
Secondary Ability: Spider Hole: Burrows into the ground to escape being crushed or anti-infantry fire. Cannot fire while in the ground.

Japanese swordsman, while in range, eradicates enemy infantry.
Secondary Ability:
Smoke Bomb: Stuns enemy infantry for a short period of time, thus allowing the Shinobi to approach without being killed or escape unscathed.

Rocket Angel
Advanced infantry unit incased in an exoskeleton enabling flight. The Rocket Angel is an expert anti-tank unit wielding a Photon Rocket launcher.

Secondary Ability: Paralysis Whip: Renders targeted infantry motionless.

Yuriko Omega
Innocent looking Japanese school girl with a twist. This unit utilizes superhuman telekinetic powers to toss enemy units or rip buildings apart.

Secondary Ability:
Psychokinetic Burst: Instantly kills units within a small radius around her.


Mecha Tengu (Jet Tengu)
Multi-functional transforming unit. Anti infantry unit which transforms into an air superiority unit.

Secondary Ability: Transform: Toggles forms.

Tsunami Tank
Japan's basic tank. The Tsunami Tank has less armor than its Soviet counterpart, but more fire power than its Allied counterpart. This unit also serves as Japan's primary naval unit as an amphibious tank.

Secondary Ability: Kagami Armor: Activates a layer of nanomachines which repels enemy attacks for a short time.

Striker-VX (Chopper-VX)
When in Striker-VX form, this unit is a powerful anti-air unit. It can also transform into a transport helicopter.

Secondary Ability: Transform: Toggles forms.

King Oni
Japan's mightiest mech. This unit uses its Radient Eyeblasters to fry enemy units and is heavily armored to withstand significant damage.

Secondary Ability: Bull Rush: The King Oni charges into an enemy unit or structure utterly destroying it.
Note: Oni can stand for many things. Generally it refers to a demon, monster,
or devil

Wave Force Artillery
Utilizing a sonic attack, the Wave Force Artillery is capable of shattering enemy units and structures over long distances. Slow attacking unit.
Secondary Ability:
Premature Discharge: Fires a weaker wave with a shorter recharge time.

Ore Collector
Japanese amphibious ore collecting unit.
Secondary Ability:
Convertible Gun: Discharges all collected ore and mounts a machine gun to defend itself.

Sudden Transport
Transport unit which has the ability to mimic the form of an enemy vehicle.


Yavi Mini Sub
Miniature submarine equipped with small torpedoes. Designed for scouting.

Sea-Wing (Sky-Wing)
Japanese submarine which can transform into an anti-ground aircraft.
Secondary Ability: Transform: Toggles forms.

Naginata Cruiser
Effective against enemy naval units and structures placed in the water. Cannot attack air or land units.
Secondary Ability:
Torpedo Type-S: Fires all torpedoes at once in a fan shape.

Shogun Battleship
Large deck mounted cannons fire plasma disks which destroy the enemy naval units. The disks are not accurate
but create waves which inflict damage to any units unlucky enough to be near.
Secondary Ability: Ramming Speed: A shield is formed on the bow which enables the Shogun Battleship to eliminate any naval units which get in the way.


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