C&C Red Alert 3: Allies: Structures

Construction Yard:
The center of the Allied base, the Construction Yard enables the building of new Allied structures and provides a large build radius.

Power Plant:
Power Plants power Allied bases. If you lose power, build times are doubled and radar is taken offline.

Boot Camp:
All Allied infantry are trained at Boot Camp and prepared for their tour on the battlefield.

Ore Refinery:
Ore Refineries are best placed near resource nodes, where the accompanying Prospector can quicky collect and then deposit the ore.

Armor Center:
All Allied vehicles are constructed at the Armor Center.

All Allied ships are constructed at the Seaport.

Tech Center:
This structure allows for the construction of more advanced structures and technologies for the Allies.

Defenses and Superweapons

Multigunner Turret:
Like the IFV, this structure can be garrisoned with infantry to customize its weapon. Putting Peacekeepers inside means it targets infantry very well, while Javelin soldiers make it more effective against vehicles and aircraft.

Spectrum Tower:
The Spectrum Tower is essentially a Prism Tower from Red Alert 2, and is the best Allied defense against ground units.

The Chronosphere is also from past Red Alert games. It allows friendly units to be instantly transported across the battlefield, allowing for surprise attacks.

Proton Collider:
Similar to the Ion Cannon, this superweapons fires a beam of particles at high speed at an enemy base, dealing a great amount of damage.


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