Modding Command & Conquer Games

In the gaming community, "modding" refers to the process of modifying a game to change or add new features. The fans of a game who create such mods will often package their changes up so they can be downloaded by other players and installed over the original game. By changing the original in unique and interesting ways, mods increase a game's replayability.

In the Command & Conquer universe, mods are created to do everything from change the strength of a particular unit to add whole new buildings and powers to different factions. Indeed, some mods - called "total conversion" mods - go so far as to completely alter the original game, adding new factions and changing the game's user interface.


Getting Started Modding

If you want to start modding C&C games yourself, we also offer a number of resources to help you learn. Modding can be a complicated task, surpassed only by the process of developing the original game itself. But for those who are dedicated and enjoy the challenge, modding can be very rewarding. You may browse information about modding Command & Conquer games below:

Red Alert 3 Modding
Red Alert 3 Modding
Modding resources and tutorials for C&C Red Alert 3

C&C 3: Tiberium Wars Modding
C&C 3: Tiberium Wars Modding
Modding resources and tutorials for C&C 3 Tiberium Wars

C&C Generals Modding
C&C Generals Modding
Modding resources and tutorials for C&C Generals and the Zero Hour expansion


Download a Mod

We host a number of fan-created mods that you can download from our Mods section. Many of these are total conversion mods.