Command & Conquer Labs Staff

These are the dedicated Command & Conquer fans who help make this website what it is; they're our team of staff members.  Interested in joining the team?  Check out what positions we have available.

Senior Staff

  • Mike (MicScoTho) - Founder, Webmaster
    Email: mike -at-
  • Blbpaws - Administrator, Mod Manager
    Email: blbpaws -at-
  • CommieDog - Administrator, Modding Guru
  • Phe0n1x - Download Manager
    Email: phe0n1x -at-
  • SUPER-G - Senior Map Reviewer, Global Moderator
  • Email: super-g -at-


Maps Staff

Email: maps -at-

  • vtulcobra
  • Drummin
  • Gren
  • ZergSwarms
  • Turret Wars Line
  • Gamenater
  • UTD^Force

 Special Thanks To

  • AuroraAlphaHL2 / CG Apollos for updating our news and contributing modding tutorials.
  • Firion Corodix for moderating the forums for several years. 
  • Renaissance for his work moderating the Generals World and C&C Labs Forums, and for his contributions to the C&C All Stars mod.
  • Luckie for his many contributions as a C&C Labs and C&C Generals World administrator over the years.
  • Fleetatks for his contributions as a Map Reviewer and as a C&C Generals World Builder tutorial contributor.
  • xDeliverancex for his maps staff contriubiton of several C&C Generals and Zero Hour maps.
  • aConcernedCitizen17 for his dedication to perfection while working on the CnC: All Stars mod in the early years.
  • Jaymioz for his graphical expertise while working on the CnC: All Stars mod for Zero Hour.
  • Flip1299 for working hard as Generals World's download manager, volunteering for the position after it was vacant for over a year.
  • AstraL for his help administering the Generals World Forums, organizing community events, and managing Generals World's downloads.
  • Manatee 05x for his contributions to our C&C Generals FAQ.
  • Exoskeleton for his help with the content on the website and moderation of the forums.
  • Sagi for his superb help with the Generals Units and Structures content pages
  • Talal for his work helping to get Generals World started back in the summer of 2002.
  • GB for contributing lots of high quality Zero Hour maps.
  • Annihilationzh for contributing tons of modding and mapping help in the forums.