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Make sure to read the ReadMe inside the map folder! There's too much to explain just here!

TTK - ZH, is a 1-7 Player Tower Defense map.ini game mode. Both singleplayer and multiplayer is supported. Every General uses their own unique arsenal! In addition, the AI will also behave differently depending on their general. Example: USA is a 50 Wave round, USA Airforce is a 30 Waves round with mostly aircraft, China Nuke is a ENDLESS MODE, GLA Stealth is something truly horrible.

As a reminder again, read the ReadMe, everything is explained there.

This project started in January 2022. And ended in August 2023.
1 Year, 8 Months, the time to make this Game Mode. So... I sure would appeciate to see some content of it! ^^.

Date submitted: 1/13/2024
Date reviewed: 1/14/2024
File Size: 1.7 MB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 7
Author: Neo_Maurice   

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Casino - Resurrection Pack by Haubibban & cetx.

A pack of 9 casino maps, made by the most famous casino map-makers Haubibban and cetx!

The main difference of latest BALANCED-series casino is new prizes and gameplay features:
- Over 50 unique different prizes! The rewards have been split into rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. First casino chooses the prize's rarity and only then gives you one.
- Middle Casino - spawns in the middle every few minutes and provides better rewards with higher chance, but still can give common prizes.
- Dynamic Oil Derricks - a classic feature from BALANCED-series maps. Oils update their positions every few minutes, blocking and unlocking Secondary Economy for players!
- Units you never seen before - casino gives you a chance to play with units you'll never see in a normal game: Militia Tanks, UN Humvees, Convoy Trucks, Laser Paladins, Massive Flying Tomahawk Missiles, Controllable Hellfire Drones and more!

List of maps:
- Casino - Resurrection Six v11 - 6-player FFA map. Includes custom random intros and easter eggs.
- Casino - Resurrection Five v7 - 5-player FFA map. The terrain is the same as on the Casino 5 Players BALANCED v5.
- Casino - Resurrection Four v8 - 4-player FFA map. The terrain is the same as on the Casino 4 Players BALANCED v1.
- Casino - Resurrection Three v6 - 3-player FFA map. The terrain is the same as on the Casino 3 Players BALANCED v2.
- Casino - Resurrection Two v8 - 1v1 map. A completely new map that introduces new type of casino 1v1 gameplay.

And 2v2 maps, which terrain is based on the previous ones, but slightly redesigned to suit 2v2 gameplay:
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Six v2
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Five v2
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Four v2
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Two v2

Maps don't use any map.ini files to provide stable gameplay in multiplayer. However, you might feel uncomfortable of some units not having icons or command buttons, so we included a small patch for individual installation. It doesn't affect the game, just makes the units in casino be more comfortable to control.
The patch is not mandatory for installation, so if you don't want your game to be considered Modified, you can ignore it.

Maps also introduce a significant amount of balance changes, like AFG Carpet Bombing being available only at Rank 3, or Superweapons becoming available after 30 minutes.
All balance changes can be found in ReadMe.txt files inside maps folders.

Date submitted: 7/26/2021
Date reviewed: 7/30/2021
File Size: 3.5 MB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 6
Author: Haubibban   

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Tag Map

COOP – GLA vs AirF – Iranian Counterstrike ZH
“Iranian Counterstrike”
It is a 3 Player/Skirmish Map for Zero Hour (co-op online mission)
2 human player GLA vs USA AIRF 1 Skirmish Comp and an additional scripted comp.
by El Chapo a.k.a. issy

2 Humans are starting with a hand full of units and they need to free the city area behind the bridges.
After that workers will be send to you. There you can build and kill all enemies on map to win.

2 Humans start as GLA
1 Comp starts as USA AirF

There is a map.ini with the map. It allows to collect Generals Points for kills on CompEnemy.
That forces you to restart Generals after map transfer. Have all player the map in the second run, it works fine.

Features List:
===-Player Civilian-===

Script Folder: 01 Check Setup Faction GLA vs USA AirForceGeneral
– Failsafe = Players can start from each slot in Lobby, but they must have the correct armies and startpositions chosen in Lobby.

Script Folder: 02 Relationships
– Relationships to additionally Civilian Players (CompEnemy and CompFriend)

Script Folder: 03 Map Setup
– Humans have no Sneak-Attack and no Rebell Ambush Level 3
– Superweapons only for Comps available
– Supplies has modiefied values worth of money
– Unshrouded Waypoints on map for all players (for the waterfalls and Enemy Base)
– Removal Scripts for unnecessary units after Start.

Script Folder: 04 Intro Manager
– Timers for the intro
– Removal Script for Intro Units

Script Folder: 05 Audio
– Playing sounds and Speeches

Script Folder: 06 Briefings
– shows text messages during the game

Script Folder: 07 Camera
– Camera movements
– shrouds map with fog of war after intro

Script Folder: 08 Early Defeat
– Ending the game to own conditions
– Shows related Text messages

The Music scripts are default.. but it starts delayed after intro…

===-Player CompEnemy-===
(Player Civilian in blue)

Script Folder: CE Intro Units
– Intro Units of Player CE and its actions

Script Folder: CE Basic Setup
– Money of Player CE
– Full Science availability
– All Upgrades are bought
– Scoring on for CE ( but it is not necessary here actually)

Script Folder: CE Strategy Center
– It chooses randomly a tactic on build event

Script Folder: CE-PowerPlants Manager
– linked scripts for build event of power plants, it upgrades the powerplants

Script Folder: CE-Power Free Energy
– exists a power plant usa a chineese will be spawned too (outside the map), and with killing powerplants they disappear also. Just extra power)

Script Folder: CE Garrison Buildings
– Spawn of units at waypoints and garrision certain buildings then

Script Folder: CE War Manager
– control scripts for activation of action scripts and script folders
– 3 main trigger activating the following actions

Use of Special Powers:
– Spydrones
– Paradrops
– A10 Strikes
– Spectre Gunship
– CarpetBomb
– Daisy Cutter
– Particle Canon

War Production Folders:
3x WarBaracks where units will be spawned if they are not exist anymore
3x WarFactories …
3x Airfields …
– spawning of untis in sequences of timers at a waypoint in a special direction
– sequences repeating in randomly times and stops while a production build is dead

===-Player CompFriend-===
(Player Civilian in green)

Script Folder: CF Intro Units
– spawns and moves intro units of player

Script Folder: CF Base Setup
– Money setup of player
– Buys several updates

Script Folder: CF Transfer Manager
– Tigger scripts to activate transfers from Player CF to both human players in 3 steps
– 3 times transfering of units to the player based on startpositions

Skirmish Scripts should be default.

Date submitted: 10/3/2020
Date submitted: 10/4/2020
File Size: 1.1 MB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: El_Chapo   

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Tag Map

For the first time, a real battle royale mode in generals. You have 1 infantryman and many neutral buildings at your disposal, entering which you will receive combat units. Save up your army and remain alone on the entire map, but be careful as the water level rises over time and you need to approach the center of the map so as not to lose your army.
To start a short introduction, the host must select the army of the GLA.
it is recommended to play with at least 4 players (for balance).
At the bottom left, you will see a timer, after which the water level will rise and flood everything to the next high platform.
After that, another timer will appear showing the number of waves at a given time.
equipment drops:
after each rise in the water level, drops with equipment in which you can sit will be dropped on the map. Therefore, it makes sense to keep the infantry near special zones, on which vehicles can fall. Drops of vehicles will not fall immediately to the center of the map, they will fall gradually near the water with a certain chance.
air strikes:
After the first wave, inclusive, airstrikes begin to be launched closer to the center of the map. The danger zone is only one circle. Also, the place where the artillery hits will be highlighted with a white beacon (as in multiplayer, only in white) After the disappearance of the lighthouse, artillery will immediately strike.

Also added sounds:
After the timer expires, there are 3 alarms after which the water level will rise.
sounds of rising water.
sounds of falling vehicles on the map.

Date submitted: 9/3/2020
Date reviewed: 9/5/2020
File Size: 282.9 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: cetx   

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Tag Map

casino map, but in a reduced size.
You have one oil rig and one casino at your disposal.
If your oil rig is destroyed the casino will spawn faster.
The drops are the same as in the "casino by cetx 4 player tournament" map.

Date submitted: 8/30/2020
Date reviewed: 9/02/2020
File Size: 35.8 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: cetx   

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Tag Map

casino again!
differences of this card:
eight players;
very large map;
four casinos (one for two players);
walls that disappear after 10 minutes that try to restrain players;
rich casino.
the map is very unbalanced for many reasons and bugs that cannot be fixed (or I just didn't want to :)

Date submitted: 8/23/2020
Date reviewed: 9/02/2020
File Size: 225.7 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: cetx   

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Tag Map

A distinctive feature in this map are scripts that allow the player to receive bonuses (units, money, etc.). You just need to enter the house as an infantryman, and you will receive your reward. the idea is taken from another older map.

Date submitted: 8/12/2020
Date reviewed: 8/12/2020
File Size: 93.1 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: cetx   

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Tag Map

A Casino map for 5 players.

Map features:

- Casino! Put soldiers inside to get units or money! No stupid superweapons and special powers in Casino by the way.
- No Alpha Auroras, no SW, no Demo Upgrade
- Oil Derrick in the middle or at the player's base every 4 minutes
- Free unmanned 1HP Gattling Tank to prevent USA from stealing your supplies at the start. It will die at 2:30
- You can build secondary economy (Money Makers) only when Oil Derrick is in the middle!

Date submitted: 7/16/2020
Date reviewed: 7/20/2020
File Size: 119.4 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 5
Author: Haubibban   

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Tag Map

The Deal is;
You are defeated if you lose your command centre
You beat the map if you can survive and destroy AI units in your base until "Last Word"

Date submitted: 3/26/2020
Date reviewed: 3/27/2020
File Size: 60 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: Pasha   

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Tag Map

HLH : The Apocalypse ZH version
Created By : Adrianemapmaker aka Deathscythe

Map Story:
**This is Before The Attack The Canada SafeZone ** (where first map takes place - HLH V1)
We Are The Last Man standing in the area , You and your team with Gign Commanders (Colonel Burtons)
need to survive the waves and destroy The Specified 7 Targets -hospital -airport -4garages -labaratory
... Before the Whole Reinforcement Battalion Got Arrived.

Mission Objectives: You will see it in The Game """Pls Dont Ignore the Briefing Strings Pls"""
Waves : 50 waves (if you didnt destroy the houses of zombies/and save vip.. it is infinite)

**Don't forget to read the map manual.txt and patch notes.txt before playing**

Email Me For Feedbacks :

Map Submission Date: 11/4/18
Map Review Date: 11/4/18

**Hint: this is Re-Release 11/4/18 8:45pm Version - Philippines time ** - We Found some Bug at previous Version released earlier this morning.
File Size: 260.4 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: adrianemapmaker   

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