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Casino - Resurrection Pack
Casino - Resurrection Pack by Haubibban & cetx.

A pack of 9 casino maps, made by the most famous casino map-makers Haubibban and cetx!

The main difference of latest BALANCED-series casino is new prizes and gameplay features:
- Over 50 unique different prizes! The rewards have been split into rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. First casino chooses the prize's rarity and only then gives you one.
- Middle Casino - spawns in the middle every few minutes and provides better rewards with higher chance, but still can give common prizes.
- Dynamic Oil Derricks - a classic feature from BALANCED-series maps. Oils update their positions every few minutes, blocking and unlocking Secondary Economy for players!
- Units you never seen before - casino gives you a chance to play with units you'll never see in a normal game: Militia Tanks, UN Humvees, Convoy Trucks, Laser Paladins, Massive Flying Tomahawk Missiles, Controllable Hellfire Drones and more!

List of maps:
- Casino - Resurrection Six v11 - 6-player FFA map. Includes custom random intros and easter eggs.
- Casino - Resurrection Five v7 - 5-player FFA map. The terrain is the same as on the Casino 5 Players BALANCED v5.
- Casino - Resurrection Four v8 - 4-player FFA map. The terrain is the same as on the Casino 4 Players BALANCED v1.
- Casino - Resurrection Three v6 - 3-player FFA map. The terrain is the same as on the Casino 3 Players BALANCED v2.
- Casino - Resurrection Two v8 - 1v1 map. A completely new map that introduces new type of casino 1v1 gameplay.

And 2v2 maps, which terrain is based on the previous ones, but slightly redesigned to suit 2v2 gameplay:
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Six v2
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Five v2
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Four v2
- Casino 2v2 - Resurrection Two v2

Maps don't use any map.ini files to provide stable gameplay in multiplayer. However, you might feel uncomfortable of some units not having icons or command buttons, so we included a small patch for individual installation. It doesn't affect the game, just makes the units in casino be more comfortable to control.
The patch is not mandatory for installation, so if you don't want your game to be considered Modified, you can ignore it.

Maps also introduce a significant amount of balance changes, like AFG Carpet Bombing being available only at Rank 3, or Superweapons becoming available after 30 minutes.
All balance changes can be found in ReadMe.txt files inside maps folders.

Date submitted: 7/26/2021
Date reviewed: 7/30/2021
File Size: 3.5 MB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 6
Author: Haubibban   

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