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Dynamic 4v4 map similar to twilight flame with a twist, the dams can be destroyed to flood area next to it with oils blocking access to it, but at the same a new access will open where the water was that will also have more resources hidden under it.
also around 25min into the game the weather will change and it will start to rain, a minute later the dams will get damaged from the rain allowing them to be easily destroyed if they are still alive.

Date submitted: 7/28/2023
Date reviewed: 7/29/2023
File Size: 174 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: deadsea   

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Hello there! This is v2 of Subjugation, created by Newgate.

Subjugation is a small 6 player map designed for PVP games and is pretty AI compatible.
v2 comes with various quality of life improvements, such as extra textures and new trees!
Seriously, go check out the map IN-GAME, because the trees look really good.

This map was my only submission to the first 2020 iShock World Builder Contest (WBC) and is included in the GenPatcher Map Pack!
Don't go looking for v1, it's only found in the deepest of holes... on our Discord Server! The links are right below...

CnC ZH Worldbuilders' Discord:

Instant Shock Discord:

Date submitted: 8/12/2020
Date reviewed: 8/13/2020
File Size: 362 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 6
Author: Commander Newgate   

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Edited by Joker123
Cash Bounty version of normal Twilight Flame

[Map Coding]
Made by Adriane

Date submitted: 10/24/2019
Date reviewed: 10/25/2019
File Size: 355 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: JoKeR123   

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HLH : The Apocalypse ZH version
Created By : Adrianemapmaker aka Deathscythe

Map Story:
**This is Before The Attack The Canada SafeZone ** (where first map takes place - HLH V1)
We Are The Last Man standing in the area , You and your team with Gign Commanders (Colonel Burtons)
need to survive the waves and destroy The Specified 7 Targets -hospital -airport -4garages -labaratory
... Before the Whole Reinforcement Battalion Got Arrived.

Mission Objectives: You will see it in The Game """Pls Dont Ignore the Briefing Strings Pls"""
Waves : 50 waves (if you didnt destroy the houses of zombies/and save vip.. it is infinite)

**Don't forget to read the map manual.txt and patch notes.txt before playing**

Email Me For Feedbacks :

Map Submission Date: 11/4/18
Map Review Date: 11/4/18

**Hint: this is Re-Release 11/4/18 8:45pm Version - Philippines time ** - We Found some Bug at previous Version released earlier this morning.
File Size: 260.4 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: adrianemapmaker   

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