C&C Generals: Storyline

The threat was more deadly than anyone had imagined.
While the United States had intercepted the missile over the ocean - an explosion the size of Texas bloomed over the Atlantic like some amorphous flower - the thwarted terrorist attack would nonetheless reset the world stage.  The bio-terror agent developed by the Global Liberation Army had the potential to wipe out hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

As the 21st century matures, the superpowers aren't quite so super anymore.  The three main players on the world stage - the United States, China, and the political terror organization known as the Global Liberation Army - are each vying to bring its own version of truth and stability to the world, each side prepared to fight in its own way for its own ideals.  As China tries to push the GLA out of its borders and the U.S. gears up for police action halfway across the globe, the GLA - the most efficient and slippery terrorist organization ever seen - entrenches itself for the final conflict it has anticipated for millennia.  It's a conflict that will determine the course of history to come... a history not fussed over by bespectacled professors but hammered out by the men of courage and cunning on the battlefield - by the generals.

In the modern word, great leaders solve their conflicts with words.  Words like: scud launcher; carpet bombing; tomahawk missiles.  Can you be a great leader?
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