C&C Generals: Factions: Civilians

Supply Depot
This neutral structure is where all three factions go to retrieve their supplies. Supply Depots are scattered around the in-game maps. To collect resources from them, America uses Chinook Helicopters. China uses supply trucks, and the GLA uses workers. You will have to secure the area around these depots in order to effectively gather resources from them. The structure to the left is a supply pile, while the structure on the right is a supply depot. Supply depots contain more supplies than supply piles.

This alternate Supply Depot functions the same as regular supply depots do, except that the GLA workers and Chinese supply trucks need to go through the entrance of it and come out of the exit on the opposite end in order to collect supplies. In normal supply depots, resource-collection units can collect supplies from any side of the structures. Supply Depots contain 30,000 dollars worth of resources.

Oil Derrick
Once captured, this structure gives the player $200 every 25 seconds. If you are the first player to capture the oil derrick, you receive an instant $1,000 bonus.

Oil Refinery
Once captured, this structure reduces the price of all vehicles and aircraft.

The Hospital is used to heal infantry units. When captured, it auto heals infantry units of the army that captured it.