C&C Generals: Features

Modern Military Warfare
Command and Conquer Generals allows you to use modern and near-future weaponry to defeat your enemies in more ways than you could imagine. Have air-to-air dogfights with aircraft, fight in the streets of urban centers, have your Rangers combat drop from Chinook helicopters into buildings, or fire a load of scuds at your enemy's base. It's all possible in Command and Conquer Generals!

State-of-the-Art 3D Engine
Experience Command & Conquer in a whole new 3D way! CNC Generals is completely 3D, including units and terrain. The game's in-game 3D camera can zoom and rotate. Real-time strategy graphics have never looked so sharp! Players with top of the end systems can increase the quality of the graphics until they experience near-perfect visual bliss!

All-New Tactics
All new units, all new tactics! Play as the GLA and utilize hit-and-run and suicide tactics. Play as and flex your newfound military and nuclear might. Or, play as the and assemble your technologically advanced war machine, completed with Aurora Strike Bombers. Make use of your faction’s hero unit! Hack enemy supplies and vehicles; plant C4s on buildings; or sniper infantry, in and out of vehicles, from afar.

Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades
This Command and Conquer features numerous upgrades – both for units, and structures! The American Strategy Center can deploy certain strategies, giving units upgraded defenses, firepower, range and more. The Chinese propaganda center enables to upgrade their units and grants access to special technologies. The GLA Black Market provides them with all the upgrades a terrorist faction could possibly want... almost.

Battle Honors
It’s not just about wins anymore – its about the medals you earn! Players can now collect “Battle Honors” as they progress through the single player campaigns and defeat enemies in multiplayer games. The medals are based on conquering parts of the game, or using a unique type of strategy to fulfill a mission objective. Medals are displayed next to a players nickname during online play.

Multiplayer Features
Battleing online has always been an important part of Command and Conquer games, and its no different with CNC Generals. Here are some of the great multiplayer features in place:

  • Advanced filtering options
  • Improved Quick Matching - You can now quick match in teams!
  • Instant video replay - Both for your enjoyment, and for use as a cheat detterent
  • Ability to create your own, fan hosted ladders
  • Observer mode available
  • New Communication and Buddy List system available anywhere in Generals Online
  • Real statistics - ever wondered what percentage of online matches were won by each faction?