Modding: Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 Modding

Welcome to the Red Alert 3 Modding section: here are some resources to help you get started with modding C&C Red Alert 3!

Modding in Red Alert 3 is very similar to in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. For both games, unlike Generals, all art and code is compiled into a series of files prior to starting the game. Therefore, to make changes to the game, you must master the art of structuring the compilation process.

Fortunately, EA has created a tool to make this much easier: the Red Alert 3 Mod Software Development Kit, or SDK. You can download it from the official site. Included is documentation on how to install the kit and go about using it.

Of course, there's much more you can do that isn't readily obvious or explained in EA's documentation, so you can ask modding questions on our forums.

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