Modding: C&C Generals

C&C Generals Modding

Welcome to the C&C Generals Modding section! Here you will find a wealth of information to help you to get started modding Generals and Zero Hour. Even for those of you who are experienced modders, we hope the information we provide will help you make the modification of your dream.

Getting Started

  • File Directory
    Describes the location and purpose of most Generals and Zero Hour files. Having an understanding of what files do what, and where they are located, is an essential first step for modding. The File Directory also details the purpose of numerous INI files found within the game's .BIG files, a great resource for aspiring INI coders.

Art Tutorials

  • Infantry Modeling and Animation
    Author: Jaymioz
    This in-depth tutorial explains how to model and animate infantry for the SAGE engine. A must-read for any modder looking to learn how to model and animate infantry!
  • Skinning 3D Models in RenX/Gmax
    Author: Luckie
    This Flash tutorial explains how to skin 3D Models in Gmax (with RenX) for beginners. The visual references provided by this Flash tutorial serve as a great starting point for those looking to learn how to skin models.

INI Editing Tutorials

  • Creating a New General's Power
    Author: CommieDog
    This tutorial details how to add a new General's power to a faction in Generals or Zero Hour. As an example, the tutorial provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to clone China's Artillery Barrage and give it to the GLA.


  • Modding Downloads Index
    Utilities and other downloads that will aid you as you mod Generals and Zero Hour.
  • FinalBIG (Download)
    FinalBIG is a viewer and editor for the .BIG files of C&C Generals, Zero Hour, and some other EA games using the SAGE engine. It is the .BIG editor of choice for modders.
  • Coolfile's W3D Importer (Download)
    An addon for Gmax/RenX and 3DS Max that allows W3D files to be imported into the modeling program.
  • RenX Gamepack addon for GMax (Download)
    Used to help modders create 3D models used in mods for C&C Generals and Zero Hour. Requires GMax to be installed.
  • RenX Custom UI (Download)
    A custom user interface for RenX that puts the W3D importer option in the MAXScript TAB.