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— Wednesday, April 28, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:59:08 PM ET

Petroglyph Games Team Photo

Petroglyph Games, a new and upcoming gaming company, has posted their first full-staff photo.  The staff includes several former Westwood employees.  Petroglyph has also secured a publisher, which has yet to be named, for their first game.  Rumor has it that it's going to be an RTS game, and with former Westwood employees on the team, its likely going to be good.  Here's the thumbnail of their staff photo:
For the full-sized version, head to Petroglyph Games.
Thanks goes out to CNC World for this discovery.
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— Tuesday, April 27, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:10:41 PM ET

New Poll

We have another new poll up.

Unfortunetly, the server seemed to have lost the results for the last one but last I checked Zero Hour was winning by a large margin.

Please vote! We appreciate your input!

— Monday, April 26, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 10:09:04 PM ET

Maps and Such...

Once again, CnC Den never fails to have up some new maps for us all. They've got 4 ZH maps and a Single Player Map for the original Generals called "Rescue Dubbya". They also have multiple new replays ready for download so head on over to CnC Den to get all the new stuff!

Also in the news, Cnc World is looking for staff. They're looking for

  • News Posters
  • Article Writers
  • Creative Dudes 
  • Content People

If you do any of this stuff or are interested in any way, head over to CnC World and apply today!

As you may have noticed, CnC: All-Stars is in need of staff also. We're looking for any of the following.

  • Skinners
  • Graphic artists
  • 3D Modelers
  • Scripters
  • INI Editors

If you are interested at all in these positions, Head to our forums, or contact Blbpaws. (Blbpaws@cncgeneralsworld.com)

We're trying to get some stuff up from All-Stars soon. We've been bogged down with some major decisions but normal operations have resumed. Bear with us as we try to sort out some things and get regular updates going again! We promise we'll get something up soon!

— Wednesday, April 21, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:13:21 PM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

Sorry about being a bit late on the update on this one guys, I forgot it was Wednesday and I have been busy with All-Stars.
Anyway, our new poll asks "What is your favorite CNC game?"
Thanks to all 39 of you who voted in our last poll. The results were:
How long have you been visiting Generals World?
Under 6 months
1 year
2 years
Since the day it opened (March 15th, 2002)

Total Votes: 39

— Friday, April 16, 2004 —

Posted By: Luckie at 7:23:27 PM ET

New! All-Stars Slave Miner Animation

I added a new picture to the  CnC: All Stars - Screenshots Page. So be sure to check it out. It's an animated gif image of the Slave Miner (not yet skinned) and gives a look into the talent of our modeler, aConcernedCitizen17.

Be sure to keep watching the site. We make new strides daily.

Hey! You! Have you got the skills to help on the mod? Well, email Luckie@cncgeneralsworld.com or Blbpaws@cncgeneralsworld.com with your talent and we'll see if you have what it takes. Right now, we could use people with experience with creating and animating CG movies, experience in modeling or skinning, experience in Scripting, experience in adding AI, or experience in INI editing.  Don't just play! Apply today!

— Friday, April 16, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 3:42:26 PM ET

Seven New Maps

We here at Generals World have been busy making and tesing some new maps for you all. We've got seven new ones ready for download. Here they are...

 Atomic Tundra by: DarthAce    Basis SK by: Hrungdal       

 CrossZero by: Charly                EarlyMornings by: Kalpesh     

 HappyNewYear by: Savaze       TheBattleOfOmahaBeach by: Ethereal Shadows

 TrackRace by: Clyde

That's all the maps we've got for you for right now. Many thanks to all the people who made and tested these maps. To pick them up, head to our downloads page here. Also, we're planning to put up a few new screenshots from C&C All-Stars soon that might include our first fully skinned model! Keep checking back often for more updates!

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— Thursday, April 15, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 6:26:34 AM ET

[GWSF] Looking For New Members!

GWSF (Generals World Special Forces) our clan is looking for new members! Just recently, our clan found a great community to become a part of and they are in dire need of new recruits. For more info on how to join up, click here and follow the instructions on the page. For everybody else, we've got some new stuff from all-stars that'll be coming soon. Keep checking back!

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— Wednesday, April 14, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 4:29:46 PM ET

Crimson Dawn Is Alive!

The C&C Generals total conversion mod Crimson Dawn was re-announced today. Crimson Dawn features the UDI (Universal Defense Intiative) and the good ol' Brotherhood of Nod. This mod is a total conversion mod and will change every, yes EVERY file in generals and will even feature a few tweaks to the engine itself. This mod had gone silent for several months, but suddenly today, General GideonX (The leader of the mod) posted info on the mod, three screenshots of models, and even a link to a CG trailer for the mod. The models and trailer are excellent and it's apparent that the General has awesome skills when it comes to CG. To check out the info, models, and trailer, head on over to the CnCMatrix forums or click here.

— Wednesday, April 14, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:56:01 PM ET

New All-Stars Screens

Command & Conquer: All Stars has released its first 7 model screens. All of them are unskinned models by aConcernedCitizen17. We are in the process of skinning them now and once skinned we will post them like that. Until then check them out here or the main All-Star page here.
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— Tuesday, April 13, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:41:38 PM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

This poll is about how long you have been visiting.
Thanks to all who voted last week. The results were:

What do you think of the C&C All-Stars Mod idea?
Great Idea!
Well I guess it would be cool
Not really interested
Haven't read about it yet

Total Votes: 63
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— Sunday, April 11, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 8:36:15 PM ET

Tons o' Maps

CNC DEN has a whole bunch of new maps for ZH and some replays. Where do they get all these maps from??? It's like they have an endless supply... Anyway, you can get the maps on their front page at http://www.cncden.com/, and you can get the replays here. They are all very good quality and I have to give credit to CNC DEN for always having new stuffs for everyone! Keep up the good work guys! Also, keep checking back as we are progressing with CNC:All-Stars.
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— Saturday, April 10, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:45:21 AM ET

RenegadeGenerals To Close

After several months of inactivity, Transnote of RenegadeGenerals has announced that he will be closing down his website.  Here's a piece of his farewell post:

Well with my work life busy and my personal time at a loss with the lack of an SWP, I thought about coming back and bring the site back, but unfortunately after a few minutes of trying to make some changes I've decided it reminds me too much of the past.

I'd like to thank Westwood (I know I know) and Electronic Arts for their contributions, and the wonderful C&C community which at one point stood for the right things.

In a few days, I will be redirecting this domain to CNC Den.

RenegadeGenerals was once one of the best Generals and Renegade fansites out there, and a great contributor to the community.  Now, I'd like to personally bid Transnote and his website a fond farewell.  To read the rest of the closing message, please visit this page.

— Friday, April 9, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 10:11:34 AM ET

New GLA Wallpaper

Today we've got a new wallpaper for everyone to check out.  It's a GLA-themed wallpaper, made by Generals World staff member AstraL.  Here's its thumbnail:

It comes in three versions, like all of our wallpapers: 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1280 x 1024.  Head to our Downloads: Wallpaper to download it or to view the rest of our wallpaper collection.

— Wednesday, April 7, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:25:30 PM ET

All Stars Models

A couple of preliminary models have been posted on the CnC: All Stars mod website.  They feature initial versions of a Grizzly Tank and a Tesla Coil

To view the images, visit the All Stars screenshots page here.

— Wednesday, April 7, 2004 —

Posted By: Sagi at 12:15:36 PM ET

New Maps and Replays for ZH

CNC-Den, as always, got some more new maps and replays for ZH.
Lion converted the Patrick AFB map, originally created by AircraftKiller, to fit for ZH.
More nine new maps here.
Over here you may find all the quality maps of the Den (including a new one).
And here you may find five new replays.

C&C Unleashed also got five new maps. Check them out here.

Two new maps from CNC World, Iron Cross (4 players) and Island Fortress (6 players).

And four more maps from Generals Files:
Fortification Aplha (2 players), Ocean Battlegrounds (2 players), Island Crusade (4 players) and Avalanche Valley (4 players).

Remember CNC Replays.com?
Well, I guess they always have new replays to show.
Download them here.

— Tuesday, April 6, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 4:02:37 PM ET

Mods, Mods, Mods

Let me first start off by introducing myself. I'm aConcernedCitizen and I'm your new news updater. (Well one of 'em at least)

Anyway, the community is packed with mods right now so here's the latest on the newest/major ones...

C&C All-Stars is the latest announced mod from right here at Generals World. For info just scroll on down to the announcement about it. Also, head to the site at http://www.cncgeneralsworld.com/allstars/.

Forgotten Land was announced by Godzila ( A modder currently working on C&C Rise of the Reds) and will feature Israel as a new playable side. It will add new generals to the game as well. No official site has been set up yet that we know of but we'll keep you updated.

C&C Rise of the Reds is a mod that seeks to add Russia as a new side. They have alot of the models and skins already in place and have alot of other great stuff. Check it all out at http://forums.unleashed.ws/viewforum.php?f=88. It certainly looks promising.

Call To Arms is a total conversion mod for Zero Hour. It changes up the factions and has a completely different storyline than Zero Hour. All the latest updates can be found at http://www.derelictstudios.net/cta/.

Well, that's about it for now but always keep checking back for more updates. Especially as we have now started our work on C&C All-stars, so much more info will be coming in the following months.

— Tuesday, April 6, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 9:23:24 AM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

We got quite a few more votes this week so thanks to all who voted and keep up the good work.

This weeks poll question deals with GW's recently announced All-Stars mod. "What do you think of the idea?"

Here are last weeks results (thanks again to all those who voted):

How did you find this site?

Total Votes: 88
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— Monday, April 5, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:27:29 PM ET

Command and Conquer All-Stars Announced!

At CnC Generals World we try to bring everything Command and Conquer to you. Images, Content, Forums, Maps, and Mods are just some of the things we do best. Because of this I am proud to introduce CnC Generals World's newest mod: Command and Conquer: All-Stars.

C&C: AS brings units and structures from almost all Command & Conquer games into a single mod. Slated for a late summer release this mod is the "ultimate mod." As C&C fans we each have our own story to tell, our own past with the games that in my opinion, is the best series of games ever created, and this mod brings our past alive.

In the coming months as you read about and play C&C: AS don't be surprised if you feel an overload of memories coming at you. Memories that are powerful because they came from a series a games that you love, games we all love. Memories from the games of Command and Conquer.

Now you can offically play those memories over and over again. Not only that but you can compare the Mammoth tank from Tiberian Dawn to the Overlord of Generals to whatever tank will be in the next Command and Conquer. This "ultimate mod" will bring the past alive and will thrust the past, present and future of Command and Conquer together.

Check out the site here!  

— Sunday, April 4, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:11:48 AM ET

C&C Encyclopedia Revamped

Dario of PlanetCNC informs me that their high-quality Command & Conquer Enyclopedia has been revamped.

The encyclopedia is now in its second edition, with top-notch articles on all of the storylines and intricacies of the Command and Conquer franchise - everything from Tiberian Dawn to Generals.  You can view the encyclopedia in its entirety here.

— Friday, April 2, 2004 —

Posted By: DEATHsyphon at 4:46:32 PM ET


As I was Reading MicScoTho's post I noticed this (clarification: quote originally from an April Fool's post on PlanetCNC)

...we don't feel that the Command and Conquer franchise has any gas left in it. We believe that the game series we use to love has gone, gone are the days are sneaking a spy into a base cursing when that one dog sees you. Gone are the stories of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Gone are the days of a strong single player.

I thought about it for a second and that is complety true.  I myself love Generals, but is not really the Command and Counquer it says it is. And even the game play is similar except the side bar is on the bottom, and you have to click the buildings to get the units that you want instead of having everything on the side bar. There's no awsome story plot really, no live actors, no references to past C&C games, the units in Generals are kind of blocky looking and carry there guns on there hip insteaad of having them up tight agaist there shoulder, no engineers, no tiberium or ore.  Also Generals looks pretty much like it's a more advanced Age of Empires more than anything, and most importantly no Westwood.  So in all actuality Generals isn't really Command & Conquer at all if you think about it; it's just EA buying the name of a once great company that has filled us with joy and that cared what the buyers thought about their games.

I myself I still play my C&C gold edition of Tiberam dawn, and also Red Alert with all its expansions, and RA2 and YR. The most pleasing to me though for myself would be Covert Operations for C&C 95, and Firestorm.
No more will "silos needed" make you think "uggg shutup."  No longer will Cane return even though at the end of Tiberium Sun it leaves enough so he could have.  No longer will you see your dog go and kill a unit that looks like yours, until you realize "hey that's a spy."  No more will GDI and NOD fight again; the same with the Allied Forces and The Soviets.  No more will you hear "I've got a present for ya."  No more in-depth instruction manuals.

In my opinon CNC Generals could have been a lot better than it is.  Its not bad at all but EA needs to pick up were Westwood left off.  I think if Westwood was still around the Command & Conquer Franacise could have lasted much longer, but now it has little hope left in it as a gaming generation dies and becomes the past.

Edit by MicScoTho: It is my opinion that the Command & Conquer series of games will live on.  That's what we're here for; that's what the fans are here for.  Without the release of another title, popularity and support will eventally dwindle, but Command and Conquer will undoubtedly live on, as will Westwood - in our hearts, minds, and memories.  Whether C&C will fully return to the spotlight, only time will tell.

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— Friday, April 2, 2004 —

Posted By: DEATHsyphon at 4:09:27 PM ET


Well Folks if any of you are Mac users you would be pleased to hear CnC Generals is about to be released for you guys. It is currently in its "Gold stage."  This anouncmet was made by Aspyr Media Inc.  They expect Generals to be Retail by April 16, 2004. There hasnt been a Command and Conquer release to the Mac format since 1998. This release marks the return of C&C to the Mac.
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— Thursday, April 1, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:08:24 PM ET

Planet Battle for Middle Earth

Edit: All of the following are April Fool's-related jokes.  Do not take them seriously.

I'm sorry to see it go.  I can't even describe the situation myself, so I might as well quote Mark from Planet CNC:

PlanetCNC has been one of the longest running sites on the GameSpy planet network, originally came about from the merging of two independent sites. However we see a need for change. PlanetCNC has grown up, the staff has grown up, we're a lot older than we were and we don't feel that the Command and Conquer franchise has any gas left in it. We believe that the game series we use to love has gone, gone are the days are sneaking a spy into a base cursing when that one dog sees you. Gone are the stories of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Gone are the days of a strong single player. In Battle for Middle Earth we gain both a strong story and an impressive single player. We feel that it's time for a change, change is here, change is now and we're moving on to Battle for Middle Earth!

Go ahead and pay Planet Battle for Middle Earth a visit -- trust me, they deserve it.

And by the same token... ever wanted a job that's out of this world?  Google may have the opportunity for you.  Please be aware however:

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by April 1, 2007 and have proof of earth residency. Google is an equal opportunity employer.

Have a fun day everyone! =)

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