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— Monday, April 5, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:27:29 PM ET

Command and Conquer All-Stars Announced!

At CnC Generals World we try to bring everything Command and Conquer to you. Images, Content, Forums, Maps, and Mods are just some of the things we do best. Because of this I am proud to introduce CnC Generals World's newest mod: Command and Conquer: All-Stars.

C&C: AS brings units and structures from almost all Command & Conquer games into a single mod. Slated for a late summer release this mod is the "ultimate mod." As C&C fans we each have our own story to tell, our own past with the games that in my opinion, is the best series of games ever created, and this mod brings our past alive.

In the coming months as you read about and play C&C: AS don't be surprised if you feel an overload of memories coming at you. Memories that are powerful because they came from a series a games that you love, games we all love. Memories from the games of Command and Conquer.

Now you can offically play those memories over and over again. Not only that but you can compare the Mammoth tank from Tiberian Dawn to the Overlord of Generals to whatever tank will be in the next Command and Conquer. This "ultimate mod" will bring the past alive and will thrust the past, present and future of Command and Conquer together.

Check out the site here!