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— Friday, April 2, 2004 —

Posted By: DEATHsyphon at 4:46:32 PM ET


As I was Reading MicScoTho's post I noticed this (clarification: quote originally from an April Fool's post on PlanetCNC)

...we don't feel that the Command and Conquer franchise has any gas left in it. We believe that the game series we use to love has gone, gone are the days are sneaking a spy into a base cursing when that one dog sees you. Gone are the stories of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Gone are the days of a strong single player.

I thought about it for a second and that is complety true.  I myself love Generals, but is not really the Command and Counquer it says it is. And even the game play is similar except the side bar is on the bottom, and you have to click the buildings to get the units that you want instead of having everything on the side bar. There's no awsome story plot really, no live actors, no references to past C&C games, the units in Generals are kind of blocky looking and carry there guns on there hip insteaad of having them up tight agaist there shoulder, no engineers, no tiberium or ore.  Also Generals looks pretty much like it's a more advanced Age of Empires more than anything, and most importantly no Westwood.  So in all actuality Generals isn't really Command & Conquer at all if you think about it; it's just EA buying the name of a once great company that has filled us with joy and that cared what the buyers thought about their games.

I myself I still play my C&C gold edition of Tiberam dawn, and also Red Alert with all its expansions, and RA2 and YR. The most pleasing to me though for myself would be Covert Operations for C&C 95, and Firestorm.
No more will "silos needed" make you think "uggg shutup."  No longer will Cane return even though at the end of Tiberium Sun it leaves enough so he could have.  No longer will you see your dog go and kill a unit that looks like yours, until you realize "hey that's a spy."  No more will GDI and NOD fight again; the same with the Allied Forces and The Soviets.  No more will you hear "I've got a present for ya."  No more in-depth instruction manuals.

In my opinon CNC Generals could have been a lot better than it is.  Its not bad at all but EA needs to pick up were Westwood left off.  I think if Westwood was still around the Command & Conquer Franacise could have lasted much longer, but now it has little hope left in it as a gaming generation dies and becomes the past.

Edit by MicScoTho: It is my opinion that the Command & Conquer series of games will live on.  That's what we're here for; that's what the fans are here for.  Without the release of another title, popularity and support will eventally dwindle, but Command and Conquer will undoubtedly live on, as will Westwood - in our hearts, minds, and memories.  Whether C&C will fully return to the spotlight, only time will tell.

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