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— Thursday, November 27, 2003 —

Posted By: Lazy6pyro at 2:32:23 PM ET

Blitz 2 Released!

Ever wondered what Thanksgiving would be like in the heat of battle in 1945? Now you can!

According to Smurf Bizkit, the leader of the Blitzkrieg 2 mod team, " 'soon' = Now." Blitzkrieg 2 has been released!

Smurf also had a few things to say about future versions of the mod.

Next, while playing the mod keep in mind that this is at most only 50% done. Commando's, Planes, Superweapons and such arn't in this version. While the first release took a while, I hope to get a patch or major release out to you guys every month or two. The AI is fully functional in the mod, as well as the online capabilities. We do have some things planned to promote online play, so stay tuned!

Well, head on over to the Blitz 2 website for the download.

BTW: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Smurf Bizkit has mentioned the problems with the AI; here is what he had to say on the issue.

This seems to be the only major bug in the mod right now. The problem is that a good deal of the maps wern't set up perfectly correct for the AI to work...we are working on a patch for it. Untill then I am 100% positive that the AI works on the "Paris" map. I am pretty sure that it also works on the "Supply and Demand" (located in the "user maps" section).

It is my bad about the AI...I was going through some final playtesting to make sure it worked but I did it on 2 maps...Paris(where it worked fine) and on "Rhine Valley"(where it worked 50%). See, the "Rhine Valley" map was edited at the last minute and I just assumed that it was the exception.

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— Friday, November 21, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 10:45:05 PM ET

New ZH Map & Updates About ZH Patch 1.01

New map for Zero Hour from the C&C Generals team, named Iron Dragon.
This map is for 8 players and of course can be played on online play too.
Go to this page to download the map.

And also, a few updates about the Zero Hour Patch 1.01 are listed on this page.
The patch will add 11 Multiplayer maps, some bug fixes, play performance improvements, info correction and a few balance fixes, to see the full list go to the same page.
There isn't a date so far for the release of this patch, but more info will come soon.

— Tuesday, November 11, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 9:15:07 AM ET

GameSpy Downtime

EAComMike had posted yesterday the following on the Official Message Board,
On Wednesday, November 12th from 12:00AM to 3:00AM (GMT-08:00 GMT) GameSpy will be performing limited maintenance on the “Powered By GameSpy” online gaming infrastructure and is scheduling downtime for this period. So if you notice an interruption in your online gaming, well, this is why.

Click here to see the original post.

— Wednesday, November 5, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 7:43:51 AM ET

Vote for Zero Hour!

Spike TV Video Game Awards Invites you to vote, vote for Zero Hour.

Click here to enter the Spike TV site, click the nice Flash movie and the voting window will appear for you, Zero Hour can be found under the 'Best PC Game' Category, all you have to do is click the game and hit the submit button.
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— Wednesday, November 5, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 7:25:12 AM ET

Generals Patch 1.7 is finally here!

Congratulations, Patch 1.7 for C&C: Generals is here!

List of Changes:
*FORCE FIRE - CHINA's Gattling Tanks can no longer force fire through buildings.

*RALLY POINTS - Added rally points to the GLA Tunnel Networks.

*IMPROVED ONLINE STATS - Made improvements to the code that tracks statistics and disconnects in online games.

*CRASH FIX - Fixed a crash bug related to the Particle Cannon.

*DESYNCH FIX - Fixed a mismatch that occurred when ordering a unit to attack right after they exited a building.

*REGION ACCURACY - User tooltip in the Custom Match lobby now correctly displays the user's region.

*HERO RADAR ICON - Jarmen Kell, Black Lotus and Colonel Burton now have a special icon on the radar map.

*CHAT SOUND EFFECT - Added an audio cue to the communicator to alert users to an incoming message.

*TEXT FIXES - Fixed text errors in the tooltips for USA Drone Armor and CHINA Nuclear Tank upgrades.

*FIREWALL PORT OVERRIDE OPTIONS ITEM - Firewall Port Override values can now be set on the Options menu from the Main Menu.
To download the patch you can simply enter the game, go online with it, and it will automatically download and install the patch.
You can also of course download the patch from this page.

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— Wednesday, November 5, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 7:15:36 AM ET

A New GameSpy Chat Next Week!

From The Official Site:
On 11/14/03 at 11AM PST (that's 2PM EST), Harvard Bonin, the Command & Conquer Generals Sr. Producer will be the guest in an hour long GameSpy chat. So get your questions ready, set your calendars and be sure to be in the GameSpy Arcade on Friday, November 14, 2003 at 11AM PST

— Wednesday, November 5, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 7:06:46 AM ET

Mod - Pro:Gen 1.8

The Modification named Pro:Gen from DeeZire now has come to version 1.8 (Mod for CCG).
It fixes veriouse of bugs that were in version 1.7 of the mod and other small problems.
DeeZire says,
Also available is a small add-on which gives Pro:Gen users the first mission from the Redemption single player campaign. Further missions will be available as I complete them but they will be available at regular intervals until all 9 are completed.

Existing users of version 1.7 can update the mod with a small patch file. The mod and the update/patch, as well as the first Redemption mission, can all be found in the Generals Downloads section.

A text file detailing a list of changes can be seen here.

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— Saturday, November 1, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:49:39 AM ET

New Content

After weeks of hard work, our new Zero Hour content pages are now online!

Our Zero Hour content has been completely revamped.  The information pages in the Zero Hour menu contain information about the USA, China, and the GLA in Zero Hour.  This information includes details about new units, structures, and upgrades, as well as sounds for nearly all of the new units in Zero Hour!

There are also detailed pages about each General in Zero Hour and the units, structures, upgrades, and General's powers that are unique to them.  Modifications to other units, such as changes in price, as listed as well.  We have also added a new Civilians page for Zero Hour that describes the new tech structures that are available.

Don't be shy... start exploring the new Zero Hour information now!

  • New Additions
  • General Profiles
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