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— Thursday, November 27, 2003 —

Posted By: Lazy6pyro at 2:32:23 PM ET

Blitz 2 Released!

Ever wondered what Thanksgiving would be like in the heat of battle in 1945? Now you can!

According to Smurf Bizkit, the leader of the Blitzkrieg 2 mod team, " 'soon' = Now." Blitzkrieg 2 has been released!

Smurf also had a few things to say about future versions of the mod.

Next, while playing the mod keep in mind that this is at most only 50% done. Commando's, Planes, Superweapons and such arn't in this version. While the first release took a while, I hope to get a patch or major release out to you guys every month or two. The AI is fully functional in the mod, as well as the online capabilities. We do have some things planned to promote online play, so stay tuned!

Well, head on over to the Blitz 2 website for the download.

BTW: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Smurf Bizkit has mentioned the problems with the AI; here is what he had to say on the issue.

This seems to be the only major bug in the mod right now. The problem is that a good deal of the maps wern't set up perfectly correct for the AI to work...we are working on a patch for it. Untill then I am 100% positive that the AI works on the "Paris" map. I am pretty sure that it also works on the "Supply and Demand" (located in the "user maps" section).

It is my bad about the AI...I was going through some final playtesting to make sure it worked but I did it on 2 maps...Paris(where it worked fine) and on "Rhine Valley"(where it worked 50%). See, the "Rhine Valley" map was edited at the last minute and I just assumed that it was the exception.

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