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— Saturday, November 1, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:49:39 AM ET

New Content

After weeks of hard work, our new Zero Hour content pages are now online!

Our Zero Hour content has been completely revamped.  The information pages in the Zero Hour menu contain information about the USA, China, and the GLA in Zero Hour.  This information includes details about new units, structures, and upgrades, as well as sounds for nearly all of the new units in Zero Hour!

There are also detailed pages about each General in Zero Hour and the units, structures, upgrades, and General's powers that are unique to them.  Modifications to other units, such as changes in price, as listed as well.  We have also added a new Civilians page for Zero Hour that describes the new tech structures that are available.

Don't be shy... start exploring the new Zero Hour information now!

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