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— Thursday, June 18, 2009 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:59:38 AM ET

Blitzkrieg II Nears Release

Blitzkrieg II, a World War II total conversion mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, is nearing its release, potentially in early July. It has just now entered a semi-public beta stage, which you can read about here.

Here are some of the mod's features from its ModDB profile:

  • Over 50 units per side
  • Snow camouflage for all units
  • Custom buildings for each side
  • Over 20 missions including video briefings
  • Fully functional AI on all skirmish maps
  • Custom scenario maps for single and multiplayer
  • Co-op comp-stomp maps
  • Fully revamped tech tree

Be sure to check out their ModDB profile for a bunch of in-game videos. I must say this total conversion looks great - excellent work guys.


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