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— Wednesday, July 9, 2008 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:16:00 PM ET

Kane's Wrath Patch 1.01 Released

EA has (finally) released the first official patch for C&C 3: Kane's Wrath. The patch fixes numerous desync issues, resolves some exploits, and also majorly rebalances the game.

<Bug/Exploit Fixes>

- The Message of the Day will now show up online for Kane's Wrath.
- In-game rank/stats now show up alongside player name while in the game lobby.
- Improved Automatch performance
- Reaper 17 - You can no longer sell a stasis chamber to receive a group of Ravagers for only 600 credits.
- You can no longer use group selecting to allow a Mantis, AA-loadout Firehawk, flying Shadow Team, or Slingshot to force-fire on other ground units.
- Titans crushable level increased. Titans can no longer crush other Titans.
- Fixed the minimap while match is loading
- Can no longer build more than one VOICE of Kane
- Can no longer build multiple epic unit factories

You can find a complete list of changes here. You can download Kane's Wrath Patch 1.01 from the Official C&C Website or by simply logging in to Kane's Wrath online.