C&C 3: Kane's Wrath

Command and Conquer 3's expansion pack is titled "Kane's Wrath." It was announced on the first episode of C&C TV, on August 14th, 2007. According to a GameSpot interview with Executive Producer Mike Verdu, "Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath features a new single-player campaign with a fresh story, a new set of live-action sequences with a celebrity cast, a new way to play Command & Conquer, and a wealth of new units, structures, and powers." Kane's Wrath is slated for release in March 2008.

Kane's Wrath attempts to tell a fresh story focusing on the character of Kane. The campaign will fill in the blanks between the ending of Tiberian Sun and the beginning of Tiberium Wars. The campaign will also employ a new World Domination feature. While details are not known, it is believed this feature will allow some degree of persistence of units and structures between missions.

Kane's Wrath will feature new Full Motion Video action sequences in High Definition. Joe Kucan will assume his traditional role of Kane once again.

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