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— Sunday, August 26, 2007 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:41:44 PM ET

Kane's Wrath Photos and Video from Leipzig

The German EA Community Team has posted a number of photos and videos from Kane's Wrath presentations at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany this week.  You can check out some photos of the event at the Community Team website here and here.  And if you want to get a sneak peak at the next BattleCast Primetime episode, check out this YouTube video.

Kane's Wrath Game Presentation
Community Team has also posted a video of a Kane's Wrath presentation made by Producer Jim Vasella at the Games Convention. Registration is required at Community Team to download the video, so I've mirrored it here for the English audience.

» Kane's Wrath Presentation Video

"The door to ascension stands locked before us.  The Tacitus is the key."
- Kane

The video walks through some new additions to the GDI and to Nod. Jim presents some of the new units introduced in the expansion (with a German translator interjecting from time to time). For those of you keeping up with the news, a fair amount of this material has been covered in recently IGN and Gamespy articles. Also, I should note that the video is taken from a distance, so the quality isn't fantastic.  But you do get to see the GDI Hammerhead Gunship helicopter in action, the GDI Slingshot anti-air scout, an Orca firing with its new sonic weaponry upgrade.

On the Nod side, you get to see Cyborgs, stealthed Specter Artillery, and the Nod Reckoner APC (which has 2 garrisonable slots and can use a one-time ability to deploy into a bunker -- reminds me of the GLA's Battle Bus). Also shown in the video is the Nod Shadow Team's new ability to deploy an artillery beacon anywhere on the map. With the beacon deployed, Specter Artillery can bombard the area from afar. It would seem that Nod's artillery learned this trick from their GDI Juggernaut friends.

One last note about the video: it explains that the expansion's storyline will specifically answer questions about what happened to CABAL after Tiberian Sun. Indeed, Jim explains on the behalf of Kane: "CABAL was only the beginning."

You can download the Kane's Wrath Leipzig Games Convention Presentation video from Generals World here.
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