Modding: C&C Generals: Infantry Modeling and Animation

C&C Generals ModdingAuthor: Jaymioz
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This tutorial will take you through modelling and animating infantry for the SAGE engine.

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  • Any game created by Electronic Arts that uses the SAGE engine, such as:
    • Command And Conquer: Generals
    • Command And Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (expansion pack)
      Note: if you are creating infantry for this game then CnC:Generals must be installed as well.
    • Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle Earth
  • The following programs:
    • Winzip: For extracting compressed .zip files.
    • Gmax: Used to create models and more. Experience on how to use this program is needed.
    • RenX: Gmax addon originally developed by Westwood Studios for use with Renegade.

First, install Gmax following the instructions on their website. Then install RenX and unzip Coolfile's W3D Importer to:


Next, download this RenX Custom User Interface and extract it (using WinZip or another .zip utility) to:


This will put the W3D Importer option in the MaxScript tab at the top of RenX as shown below.

Once this has all been set up, continue on to the next page.