Modding: C&C Generals: Skinning 3D Models in RenX/Gmax

C&C Generals ModdingWelcome to the Skinning 3D Models in RenX/Gmax tutorial! To view this interactive tutorial, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed. If you do not have this player installed, please click on the "Get Flash Player" link below.

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Once you're ready to begin the tutorial, please click the "Launch Tutorial" button below to open it in a new window. The Flash tutorial will then guide you through the process, and before you know it, you'll be on your way learning how to skin!

You may also wish to consult the "Useful Links" section below for links to programs mentioned by the tutorial.

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Useful Links:

  • Chilliskinner: A helpful skinning aid
  • Gmax: Program used for modelling
  • RenX: Gmax addon created for Renegade but still very useful for Generals