Modding: C&C 3 Tiberium Wars: File Directory

C&C 3 Tiberium Wars ModdingThis page is designed to be a starting point and reference for file editing and mod creation. It doesn't aim to codify and explain every file in C&C 3, but rather to identify the location and purpose of some of the most commonly edited ones, so that modders can use this information to further their pursuits. You must have the Mod SDK installed to use most of these files.

The base path for all files listed below is <install directory>\Electronic Arts\Command and Conquer 3\MOD SDK\. So, "Art" in the table below refers to <install directory>\Electronic Arts\Command and Conquer 3\MOD SDK\Art.


» Game Folders

Art This folder stores the art for mods. Note that art in this folder is grouped and stored in two letter subfolders. So, for example, all art referring to a certain faction might begin with the EU prefix and should be stored in Art\EU folder. Note that all C&C 3 art must begin with a two letter prefix (you can use more than one prefix per mod or per side) and must be stored inside Art in a folder which has a name that consists only of that prefix.
Art\Terrain Texture files for terrain goes here. Most mods won't edit or use these, but those which aim to reshape the terrain might.
BuiltMods Mods compiled by the Mod SDK compiler are placed here when the compiler is finished.
CnC3Xml This folder contains many of the XML files that are commonly edited in mods. It is explained further down in this document.
DefaultUIScreens This folder contains all the textures and data files associated with the C&C 3 User Interface.
Documentation Rarely modded, but worth including since it should be an important resource for modders; this folder contains all the C&C 3 Mod SDK Documentation.
INI Contains some simple information, such as files for credits, victory conditons, etc. Not heavily modded, but used every now and then.
Mods Contains source data files for mods (note: mod files must be compiled before they can be used)


» CnC3Xml Files

(these files are contained in the CNC3Xml folder of the Mod SDK directory)

Alien Contains all the files for the Scrin side.
BaseObjects Contains all the files for the simplest form of many objects (such as bridges and squads). Other files often refer to these, but these are not often edited.
Civilian Contains all the files for civilians. Also includes information from the many locales of C&C gameplay.
GDI Contains all the files for the GDI side.
GlobalData Contains all the files for data that is universal (though often only one side uses it). For example, Armor, Locomotor (speed), Weapon, and Upgrade files are contained in this folder for all sides.
Includes Contains generic files that are often used as the basis for other, more complex files. Not often edited.
Neutral Contains files for the neutral side, mostly consisting of tech structures (such as the EMP Center) and units (such as the Marauder).
NOD Contains all files for the Nod Side.
SkirmishAI Contains everything related to the skirmish AI.
Sounds All music and sound effects files are contained in this folder.
Tiberium Files related to Tiberium, the resource in C&C 3, are contained here.