C&C 3 Tiberium Wars: Factions: GDI

GDI LogoThe Global Defense Initiative (GDI) is a secret military organization of the Group of 8, a group of world superpowers. It is tasked with ensuring world peace and combatting and reversing the global spread of the alien substance Tiberium (for more on Tiberium, see The Essence of Tiberium, by Blbpaws). GDI, originally a small treaty organization, became of paramount importance, as it fought two wars, The First and Second Tiberium Wars, against the Brotherhood of Nod, a stateless organization seeking to spread Tiberium. GDI is now an effective nation-state, fighting for its cause, and in so doing, it believes, humanity's future.

In 2047, when C&C 3: Tiberium Wars is set, the Earth can be effectively divided into three types of planetary zones. GDI controls the Tiberium-free Blue Zones, about 20% of the Earth, while attempting to push Nod and Tiberium out of the Yellow Zones. Its attempts in this regard are met with mixed success, as GDI is hampered by internal disagreements on Tiberium policy, and an unwieldy bureaucracy.

GDI's military is decentralized across many theaters of war, but is powerful and strong, armed with rapid-deployment troops and advanced technologies such as weather control. Its land units range from the Predator main battle tank, to fast attack vehicles, to powerful Juggernaut artillery, to the lumbering Mammoth Tank. The GDI Air Force is also impressive, featuring ORCA aircraft, Firehawk attack jets, and rapid transports. GDI's military is ready for the long fight. As GDI and Nod clash in another epic struggle, humanity fights again over the enigmatic alien substance.

And so begins the Third Tiberium War...

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