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Mission 7: Last Call

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the GLA

Put your missile defenders and rangers into the humvees and build them all a battle drone except two, which should have scout drones. Make a couple more chinooks and set them each on different supply piles to maximize efficiency. You're informed that you can use the abandoned Chinese base to the south, and should move to do so quickly, just not quite yet. Build up your base a bit, first. For General's Promotions I again recommend the pathfinder, repair, three A-10s, the paladin and the fuel-air bomb.

Capture the old chinese base, then either sell it or use it to build chinese units and structuresWhen you're able to produce tanks, get four paladins and three pathfinders to guard your base. Now you're free to take the humvees and crusaders you started with south to the abandoned Chinese base. I chose to capture all three then sell the command center and barracks. I don't need the Chinese to finish this map. You may want to keep them as you can build Overlords, but you'll have to do some building. If you go my way, build a couple extra supply trucks and leave the troops there to defend it.

Now you've got two forces guarding each of your bases. Make sure each has a couple pathfinders to help deal with infantry and start construction of a third group to go on the offensive. Six paladins, four pathfinders, three tomahawks, and four comanches should do the trick. Hotkey each of these into their own groups to better control them. While these are building, get your strategy center and pick bombardment (as usual). You should grab the armor and veterancy upgrades to help your attack, as well.

The GLA will be building a scud storm soon and you'll want a shot at taking it down. Fortunately, the countdown is eight minutes so you have a little time. Save your fuel-air bomb and the A-10 strike so that you can use those on it, should you not be able to get to it with conventional forces. You'll be able to reset (not destroy) it this way, and those are more likely to work if you eliminate some of the GLA anti-air capabilities first. If you reach one minute left on the clock at any time, use both of these abilities at once, directly on the center of the structure.

You have a lot of money rolling in at this time, so why not use it? Build four auroras and hotkey them each to their own group. For instance - 5,6,7,8. If your coffers are still overflowing, build lots of paladin tanks and pathfinders to reinforce your attack group later. You should, naturally, try to get a Particle cannon and every other building (detention camp!!).

Use aurora bombers to destroy the wall. It may take two runs to be accomplishedWhen the auroras are done, take your ground assault group to the southern side of the map then move them directly west. You're going to gun for the scud storm and cause a lot of damage on the way. When you get to the wall, stop well out of its range. The GLA have garrisoned sections of it and you may take unnecessary damage by attacking with your ground forces. Use the Auroras. Target one garrisoned section with each bomber. Try to do it as fast as you can so the attack is as synchronized as possible. Note that it may take two bombing runs to destroy the section of wall.

When it's destroyed, head west through the rubble. Use the pathfinders to snipe stinger sites, as usual. The tomahawks can fire on non-moving enemies. You should keep your auroras hot-keyed, targeting buildings with them and replacing any that are lost. Two can destroy a single structure. If the clock is running low for you, use the auroras in conjunction with the A-10s and fuel-air bomb to obliterate the scud storm. It's a one-way trip for the auroras and it's costly, but it's better than having the GLA use their superweapon while you're doing great destroying their base.

When you're this far, you're kicking ass. Destroy the scud storm and the GLA command center here.Whether you destroyed the scud storm or not, keep going toward where it was. The highest concentration of the GLA are on the western-most side of the map and you can do the most damage there. You've fought through tougher battles than this, I think, on the other campaigns. When the southwestern GLA command center fell earlier, the GLA sold their base there. All that was left of them was one small base to the northeast, which didn't stand a chance. You shouldn't have problems; you have a load of cash to work with. Keep the Auroras moving against GLA military production buildings and your ground forces tight (pathfinders must detect the numerous demo traps) and you'll finish the campaign. Good work!

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