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Mission 2: Operation Treasure Hunt

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Mission Objective:
  • Rescue the Three Pilots

Start early at destroying the GLA while you build reinforcements at the baseYou start with four tanks, four humvees and Colonel Burton. Get the battle drones for all your vehicles. Start building eight rangers and two chinooks and research the flash bang grenade for your rangers. Take the paladin tank and repair general's promotions and build a few of those to defend your base. Use your starting vehicles to go about clearing the GLA from the city, but avoid the area with the stinger site and two buildings (near the U.S. pilot). When your chinooks and rangers are done, load four rangers into each of the chinooks and use the combat drop on the two buildings near the stinger site. When your rangers are done, clear the chinooks from the area and take the rangers out of the western-most building. Use them to flash-bang the angry mob near the pilot. Roll your humvees and tanks in to help them.

Maneuver your rangers and other forces for maximum effect in this skirmishWhen the area's secured you'll have the first pilot. Put him into a humvee to give it a promotion. Put all the pilots on this map into humvees so they can return to base faster at the end of the mission. Now, the map will expand, showing you the location of the second pilot. There are angry mobs nearby. Come at them from the east so they don't ambush your rangers, who should use the flash bangs on them. Coordinate your attack so that your tanks and humvees are ready to assist them. You'll face a total of three angry mobs, but fortunately they don't come all at once. I had eight rangers, and they were the most useful units for this part. Get the second pilot and again, the map will expand.

Rush the enemy for the third pilotThe final pilot can be rescued through brute force. Have at least four tanks and humvees and you'll be OK. Put the rangers you have remaining into the humvees to make them more effective against infantry. Charge the GLA base and destroy all military units who might pursue you. When you've got the pilot, return all vehicles with the pilots back to base to complete the mission.

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