Command and Conquer: Generals Walkthrough

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Mission 1: Operation: Final Justice

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy all GLA Forces

You start with a crazy number of tanks and humvees, so obviously this is going to be easy. You can immediately utilize one of the cooler aspects of the USA: drones. Build a battle drone for every tank and humvee except one. Give that one a spy drone so your sight range is increased. For the General's promotion, take repair. Head to the northwest and destroy the scorpion tanks. They're no match for your numbers. When the battle's over move all damaged tanks within an area and use the repair ability.

Rescue the pilots to get some free upgrades for your tanksMove on northwest and you'll see the GLA use the scud storm against some Iraqi civilians. They'll destroy a couple of their own forces in the process, making it even easier on you. You'll see GLA in the buildings on the plaza. A pair of chinooks will come and clear the buildings, taking them into your control with the combat drop ability. East of here are some rebels guarding some U.S. pilots. Kill the rebels and the pilots will be yours. Put them into your humvees or tanks to give them promotions. Each one will raise a unit 1 level. I prefer to spread it out.

Use the chinooks to combat drop into the building and take it overNow take your tanks northwest and destroy the barrels to soften up the tanks. Destroy everything here and continue on. You'll come to more GLA-garrisoned buildings. THis time you're given control of the chinooks and can use the combat drop yourself. Use one on each building. When they're clear, go north into the mountains. As you approach a line of GLA tanks, stop. A B-52 will fly in and deliver a fuel-air bomb, destroying them all. Now just roll into the GLA base and eliminate everything you see. Follow the road and you'll eventually come to the scud storm. Destroy its defenders, including the stinger site, then the structure itself. I was just finishing it off when some damned F-22s came and stole the glory.

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