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Mission 4: Operation Stormbringer

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the Stinger Sites, then the GLA base

Use your tomahawks to destroy the defenders without losing a single unitYou can finally use tomahawks in this mission. Use them to destroy GLA fortifications along your path by hotkeying them all to one group. The first part of this mission will be extremely easy as your goal is just north of your location. Destroy all GLA structures in between your cruise missile launchers and the stinger sites. When you finally start hitting the sites, try to keep your missiles synchronized so they don't get shot down one by one. It's tedious, I know, but just use the tomahawks to destroy the stingers while the tanks guard them. It will take a little while, but you'll be left with a force capable of defending your base at the beginning.

When the last site's destroyed an American bomber will carpet bomb the area, flattening most GLA structures. There are some tents just west of the area where you'll be building your base that you may want to knock out with your tomahawks. Now, get your base built (command center - reactor - barracks - supplies - war factory - air field) while defending it. Place some patriot missiles along your eastern and southeastern borders to help defend. You may want to strike the small group of GLA (see screen) with your tanks just for fun, but don't leave your base undefended!

Keep the GLA on their toes by striking at range with your tomahawks. This can be done fairly safely while your base is being built. When you get air capabilities you can really tear them up. First focus on ground forces, though. You'll want at least five more crusaders (the ones you started with should defend) and three humvees loaded with rangers (of which you have plenty). When these are ready, and you have four stealth fighters with the laser missiles upgrade, prepare to take down the GLA.

Penetrate into the GLA base hereHave the tomahawks focus their attacks on the area in the screenshot to the right. Go for stinger sites first, and when they're eliminated order your fighters to guard the area above the GLA base. They'll do continuous attacks. Take your tanks right up the ramp that leads to this area, with the humvees close behind. Keep pumping out tanks back at your base and set the rally point to this area. Gradually you'll destroy every building here, then can finish off the rest of the base, south of here, to complete the mission.

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