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Mission 6: Desperate Union

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the GLA base

Grab this crate for some free cash, notice the supply dock in the south which is also useful to youFor general's promotions I took pathfinders, two levels of A-10 and paladins. You should, too. If you get a promotion in this mission take the third level of A-10. You'll have to build your base up almost entirely. Build a barracks and supply center first. When the supply center's done, get three extra chinooks for better supply gathering. Send two to be packing supplies from the dock south of your base. Take a tank to the north of your base and grab the U.N. crate to get a little extra cash. Do like usual at first, building some units to protect your base. You can build the supply drop zone in this mission, and should do so as it gives you free supplies every two minutes.

Control this crossing to stop the GLA as they comeWith a few pathfinders and the two tanks you start with, you can do a lot of damage early in this mission and, although it won't be great, it will help later. Northeast of your base are some tunnel networks. Use the pathfinders to snipe the guards outside and, when the area's clear, use the tanks to destroy the buildings. While they're doing that, you shouldn't neglect your base. Build a strategy center ASAP and get four raptors with laser guided missiles at your Air Field. When the strategy center's done, pick bombardment and research the upgrades there, especially advanced training.

Keep your tanks and pathfinders guarding the intersection where the tunnel networks were, and as you get more funding, gradually add tanks to the group. You'll want two tomahawks to help you take out cliffside stinger sites as the pathfinders just can't target them. Use your raptors to guard the bridge to the east of your base. They'll gain experience and help destroy incoming enemies. When you've got everything else in your base built, and have it defended, build a particle cannon. It will be very useful later.

This is a good spot for your fuel-air bomb. Drop it just before you attackWhen you've got about six tanks total, three pathfinders and two tomahawks you can proceed to the east, toward the GLA base in the northeastern corner. Use the tomahawks to knock out stinger sites from range. As you proceed, you'll reach the ramp up. Stop before you get to it, there are about five demo traps on it. Use the pathfinders to detect it. You may want to utilize the spy satellite within this base to discover units your tomahawks can hit. There were two overlords I discovered, which just sat there as I pounded them. You'll also see a good spot to the use fuel-air bomb (see screenshot, above left) for maximum damage of two GLA structures.

When the overlords are down, and the demos are gone, move up the ramp with your tanks in the lead. Clean up the GLA base, keeping your snipers ready to hit any infantry. Around this time, you'll probably start getting attacked by the Chinese - you should keep your base defended as first priority, then send extra units to attack the GLA/Chinese bases. Now you should stop that Chinese Nuke Silo.

Destroy the chinese nuke to eliminate the threat, then romp their baseStopping it isn't very hard at all. Use the spy satellite in the area I've designated in the screenshot, or just continue your march with your tanks along the eastern side of the map. The Chinese base wasn't very well defended, anyway. Use the particle cannon and an A-10 strike on the Nuke Silo to destroy it (if the Particle Cannon doesn't do it outright). Drop a fuel-air bomb on the Chinese air base to ease up on air attacks, then just simply finish off the base with your tanks. Don't worry about destroying every defensive structure on this map, just get the Chinese command center.

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