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Mission 3: Operation Guardian Angel

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Mission Objective:
  • Ensure the safety of 100 U.S. forces

Build some patriot missiles here to help defend the incoming americansThis is a cool mission, with a unique objective. The U.S. troops will be coming up the mountain pass under pursuit of the GLA. Your comanches will be your best friends in this mission. You can build a few aircraft at the air field to help them, also, but should first grab the rocket pods upgrade for your comanches so they can use the barrage attack against clusters of GLA forces. Take the A-10, repair (you can repair the friendly Americans! Only use this if they're actually under attack) and stealth fighter promotions. We'll discuss how to use the A-10 effectively a little later. Finally, you can build a patriot missile system or two at the area shown in the screenshot to help soften the GLA as they enter the map. You'll need another cold fusion reactor to power these additional turrets.

The first wave isn't very hard. Focus your fire on the tanks so the rockets of the comanches will be the most effective. The fleeing Americans will fight back pretty well, their tanks firing to the rear. After the first wave is over, hopefully you have the rockets, one patriot missile (or two), have hotkeyed your comanches and four stealth fighters (guarding the area where the enemies enter the map) and are ready for round two. Finally, use whatever funding you have and keep pumping out comanches at your airfield. Set the rally point to the entry location.

Round two isn't tough, just choose your targets wiselyWhen the GLA first come, there will be three rocket buggies. Get your comanches a bit past the border to destroy them more effectively. Destroy all three then use the rocket barrage on an area where the GLA tanks will be passing. You should be able to cause widespread damage to them, which you should then augment with your standard attacks. At the end of round two I had a total of 43 units saved.

Using the A10 is pretty hard, but if you pull it off it's a big helpYou're going to use your A-10 strike in round three. This will be a bit difficult. If you hit with it, it's great! If you don't, you can still win. Use it right after the American forces pass your patriot site. Use it right in the middle of the road. It will destroy something,  hopefully. Otherwise, use the rocket barrage just like last time and have your stealth fighters fire on a tank in the center of a cluster. Some of the GLA will try to come up the pass to attack your base. Your patriot missiles will hurt most of them. Focus on saving the Americans, then retaliate against the attackers. At the end of round three I had 67 units saved.

Round four has a huge army of fleeing Americans, so you know this is the big one. Do just like before, keeping your stealth fighters on guard by the entrance to the map. I had six comanches and they performed wonderfully. At the end of it all, I had 118 Americans saved, so there is a decent margin for error. I know not if there is a round five, but do you really need a fifth one?

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