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Mission 6: Dead in their Tracks

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Mission Objective:

  • Get Black Lotus to the middle of the Train Bridge

The GLA will attempt to attack you multiple times from this path since it's poorly defended. Fix that by putting some red guard and tank hunters here.This mission is similar to the fourth China mission. It would be very easy, but since you can't build any extra structures it becomes much more difficult. The only General's promotion you can purchase is the red guard training, so take it! You should get your hackers on the move immediately, placing them out of the way but not near the entrances of your base. Set them on hacking and leave them to do their work. Take a single red guard to collect the U.N. crate to the east of your base. Money's going to be tight and that crate is enough funding for an extra tank. Finally, build some red guard (about eight) and tank hunters (six) and place them at the location in the screenshot to guard that poorly defended area.

Since you have to use Black Lotus to destroy the bridge you'll need to keep her safe. She should stay at the base for the first attack run, which will be on the soccer field to the north. It's a good target because it's sending lots of angry mobs at your base. For that reason you'll want some dragon tanks because they can put them down very easily. But of course they can't defend well against scorpion and marauder tanks so you'll need to take some battlemasters as well.

Use the firestorm with all your dragon tanks to destroy the stadium pretty damn quick.You should build four dragon tanks (with black napalm!) and two battlemasters and set off to the western edge of the map. As you're just leaving your base you will see another U.N. crate in a small parking lot. Go north along (NOT ON) the tracks to reach big building just south of the soccer field. When you arrive you'll encounter a cutscene with angry mobs streaming out of the building. Use your dragon tanks to immediately initiate a firestorm. Once all the mobs are down head a little west and take out the stinger site. Now you can concentrate on the stadium itself. Keep your battlemasters nearby to guard them while the dragon tanks perform the firewall attack. Try to make it so they cover the entire path the angry mobs will take when exiting the building (screen, above left). While doing that your battlemasters might fight a few tanks, but they should win without too much damage if you keep them tight. Press forward after the dragon tanks have eliminated the first half of the stadium then, one by one move the tanks forward a little more initiating more firestorms. This will keep it covered and gradually destroy the stadium.

You shouldn't send black lotus alone to do this, this is just to show you where the demo traps are located, because I forgot to take a screenshot during this part.When you're done, send your forces back home. It's time to prepare for another key battle. This one will take place to the northeast where the GLA have their supply stashes located. You'll want at least four battlemasters, three dragon tanks and a gatling tank to do this. You'll also be wise to bring Black Lotus along, but don't use any of her abilities to keep her cloaked.

Take your attack force out of your base and cross the bridge to the east. Be careful when crossing the tracks and don't go too far east of there without putting black lotus up front. You'll see a U.N. crate; grab it! There's another north of here near the little bridge you can take also. As you approach the southeastern corner you'll see a GLA arms dealer. There are lots of demo traps here so use black lotus to find them. Stop if you see one then order your troops to destroy it. When they're all clear use your dragon tanks to destroy the stinger site to the north, then capture the arms dealer with black lotus.

Destroy the stinger sites, then sneak black lotus to the bridge to complete the missionIt's up to you whether you keep this or sell it for the cash. I recommend you sell it as you can build your own tanks and purchase the upgrades for them. I prefer gatling tanks with chain gun upgrade to the quad cannons you can build. Whatever you choose you should now head to the north, keeping in mind that there may be more GLA demo traps. You'll reach the point where the GLA have been dropping off troops from the train. Use your gatling tanks to eliminate all their infantry and grab the U.N. crate behind the train station. This is a good place to guard for a moment while you build some reinforcements. Grab a couple gatling tanks and get the chain guns upgrade if you haven't yet. A couple more battlemasters would be a big help too as they can achieve the horde bonus, which will help with the upcoming GLA scorpion tanks you'll be facing. Make sure you still have your three (if not more) dragon tanks, too!

This GLA supply stash is your next destination.Now you can press north. Keep your battlemasters up front followed closely behind by your dragon tanks. Everything else can stay in the rear for now. Your goal is the GLA supply stash (see screen). I found it completely unguarded. Use Black Lotus to capture this stash and the one to the northeast of it, up the hill. Position your battlemaster tanks just before the bridge with the dragon tanks just behind them, but don't cross the bridge just yet. Once you've got both supply stashes you should hold onto them and even build a few workers at each to gather supplies for you. I doubt you're going to need any more than you already have but you should always be on the safe side. Another source of income is the U.N. crate just north of the bridge up the hill.

Now you're just a hop, skip and jump away from your destination. Keep the tanks up front (!) and cross the bridge. Use the tanks to attack any other tanks while your dragons focus fire on the stinger sites north of the bridge (delay that and focus on any GLA-garrisoned buildings that may be firing on your troops if present). When the stinger sites are destroyed you're pretty much home free. Get Black Lotus to the bridge and end the mission.

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