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Mission 4: Broken Alliances

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the GLA stinger sites and locate the Toxin Facility

Put your forces into the tower here to protect your base should the GLA attack. The far corner is a good spot for your hackers to hide while they do their dirty workThis is a squad-type mission. You can build reinforcements but you won't be able to construct any buildings. Fortunately, you won't really need to. First, put the troops which just dropped into the tower in position to defend your base. You have a new unit available to you in this mission, the hacker. You'll want a good number of these guys as they can hack the internet and steal money, generating continuous income. I recommend you make about six of them to start. They don't steal money very quickly but as they gain promotions the rate will eventually increase by about 50%. Place them in the far corner of your base to keep them safe while they do their dirty work.

For your General's promotions I recommend the red guard training, cluster mines and repair (for later). The red guard training will really come in handy as you'll be using a good number of them in this mission. Drop the cluster mines near the entrance of your base so approaching enemies will be destroyed. By the time you need it again, it should be ready once more.

Capture the oil derrick here, and, with your hackers, you'll be practically swimming in moneyNow that all your hackers are hard at work you can start building some military to take down the GLA stinger site to the east. I built 6 tank hunters and ten red guard (remember - they come in pairs!). It took a little while, as the hackers weren't gaining promotions yet, but the second force won't take as long because of the promotions. When you have all those forces, with Black Lotus hotkeyed to her own group and the two types of infantry in two more groups, proceed toward the first stinger site. Keep Black Lotus in the back at all times to safeguard her. Focus the tank hunters' fire on the barrels beside the stinger site, then the site itself while the red guard kill any infantry. When the area's clear of any infantry, focus the red guard on the stinger site. It shouldn't take long to have this area cleared.

When that's done you will receive a few reinforcements. Black Lotus can capture the Oil Derrick here to further improve your income. You'll be rolling in cash. Set your Barracks' rally point to the oil derrick and recruit a few more tank hunters and red guard to help your attack effort. Once that's done you can build a few more units to stand around the derrick and protect it from unlikely, but possible, attacks.

The two stinger sites here should pose no problem if you keep an eye out for incoming terroristsMove your original attack force cautiously north. You'll encounter a terrorist and a few rebels--nothing too dangerous, but it would be foolish to lose units to one wimpy terrorist. Further along the road, to the northeast, you'll see your next destination: two stinger sites together. Alas, it's not as easy as it looks. I was attacked by a rocket buggy here and some terrorists attempted to ambush me from the west. Focus the tank hunters on the buggy and the red guard on any terrorists. Once more the GLA have placed barrels next to their defenses. Blow up the barrels then finish off the southern-most stinger site, leaving you free to finish the northern one.

Once more, reinforcements will be dropped. Actually, you get a set for each stinger site destroyed. To the north appears to be a dead end, but there is a U.N. crate with some cash (as if you really need it). Now I hope you have your mine strike ready as you'll really want it for the next part.

There is a toxin tractor guarding the next stinger site. Use your mines to surround it. If it moves, it's toast. And yes, it will move. Just use your tank hunters to goad it into moving by attacking it from range. As you approach you'll see a cutscene informing you of the war factory you can capture after you take down the stinger site. Use pure brute force, focusing your tank hunters on the stinger site, and it will be destroyed without too many casualties. Afterward, continue to the west, toward the war factory. Move cautiously; there are more GLA troops you need to kill.

Near the war factory are two more rocket buggies. They won't pose a big threat if you focus your fire, as they're quite fragile. Use Black Lotus to capture the war factory while your infantry stand around protecting her. When it's yours, the mission is practically over. You're crazy-rich and can pump out tanks to your heart's content. I took six battlemasters and two gatling tanks and wiped the map. Just leave your infantry around to guard this factory. Wait until all your tanks are done constructing then head to the north.

Destroy the GLA base and you won't have any more trouble out of them in this missionBe wary here for the GLA will probably be using terrorists in hijacked cars to attack you. Don't leave any units alone so you have enough firepower to take them down before they deliver their payload. Along the northern path you'll come to a GLA base. Destroy it! Afterward you should use your repair ability on your tanks while they're together to heal some of the damage.

Now most enemy resistance is eliminated and you can simply cross the bridge then head south toward the final stinger site. Being that all you have to do is eliminate the site, you could simply roll right to it with your tanks and wipe it off the map. Unless something gets directly in your way that's what you should do. The GLA simply can't stand up to a tank assault on this map.

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