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Mission 7: Nuclear Winter

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Mission Objective:
  • Build a base, find a source of income then destroy the GLA

This mission is the final one for the Chinese campaign. You're presented with a problem at the beginning because in a set amount of time the GLA will have the ability to use their Scud Storm superweapon. The walkthrough's goal at the beginning is to wipe this building out before it can fire a single salvo. You've just got to be quick! You should read the following paragraphs to get an idea of what needs to be done because there is an order of operations that needs to be followed to destroy the scud site in time.

Initially you should get the speaker tower and gatling cannon for your battlemasters, then put them in the front for a big battle.You start out under fire, so select all your units and set them to guard the area the attack is coming from. Once the area's secure take everything (except the dozers) east of there to the top of the hill. Build a command center and nuclear reactor along the cliffside. Build a propaganda tower and one gatling cannon for your overlords. Pause for a moment and let your troops heal a bit, and get the Overlords up front. Now head east of there to the GLA base with all your attack force. Try to keep them as tight as possible, only moving a little at a time. It's important that you issue commands quickly but carefully. At your base, during the start of the battle, begin construction of a barracks. Wipe everything out at the GLA base except their barracks and supply stash. An easy way to avoid destroying the barracks is: once everything else is gone, leave a single gatling tank there to kill the GLA infantry as they come out. Just don't leave that unit on guard or it will attack the structures.

Send your attack force (except the gatling tank) north to spot another area to gather supplies. Build your chinese supply center there. Now get your General's promotions: three levels in artillery and the cash hack ability. Once your barracks is done you should pump out two squads of red guard. Send them on their way to the GLA structures that need to be captured, but use the cash hack on the supply stash first. While they're walking you can research the capture building upgrade. Your second squad should move with your original attack force north until you reach the tower with an oil derrick to the east of it. Capture the derrick with your red guard and put all your tank hunters into the tower near the center.

With my strategy, destroying the scud storm wasn't hard at all. I had some time left, so there is a small margin for error.Back at your base build an airfield once the second the supply center is done. While that airfield's being built, build another with your second dozer! Now get eight MiGs with the armor upgrade. While all this is happening keep an eye on your forces who are defending the derrick and the entrance to your base. Help them pick targets to attack as the enemy will inevitably send waves of all types of vehicles and angry mobs at you. When all your MiGs are done, immediately group them and send them to the absolute north center of the map. Keep an eye on the area you're trying to target so when they reach the scud site they can fire at it, instead of the ground! Immediately after your MiGs fire, use your artillery strike. This should be enough to obliterate the Scud Storm capability of the GLA and let you focus on other things. End brain-boggling haste.

Build a war factory now that everything's cooled down a bit. If you got a promotion you can use your general's point on the repair ability and some other skills of your choice. Get a few gatling tanks and start a propaganda center. You want to make a few hackers after that to get some extra cash flow. Once at least four of them are hacking you can build an overlord or two back at the war factory.

Things don't have to be as fast-paced now and you can somewhat take your time. You may want to send your MiGs out after some of the juicy targets you saw on your way to the scud site, but I prefer not to spend anything replacing downed ones just yet. When you've got your overlords complete you can start thinking about saving up for a nuclear missile. I think you should; it feels good to fire off your superweapon at least once after all this work. Not only that, but you can also get very kickass upgrades for your overlord and battlemaster tanks from the building.

Blow up this building to end the threat of the GLA sniper. Centering an artillery strike on it works perfectly.When your artillery strike is ready again use it on the building in the screenshot to destroy the sniper hiding there. He can kill the drivers of vehicles and you don't want him to destroy, and possibly steal, an overlord in one shot. When that building's toast take your two overlords (one propaganda, one bunker loaded with tank hunters) and three gatling cannons and head toward the area where your big attack force is guarding. Take the original attack group after the GLA base and leave the new one behind. Start recruiting another of battlemasters/gatling tanks. Focus back on your moving troops. There's a small GLA base at their destination. Use your cash hack ability on the GLA supply stash before you destroy it! If you have the mines promotion use it on the small mountain pass east of this base to slow down the GLA reinforcements while you trash their itty bitty base.

Now for the final battle! Or, the bloody path to the final battle. Take your new group (the one I told you to make earlier!) and send it up the eastern side of the map. You'll see a mountain pass that leads to the main GLA base. Synchronize the attack with the other force that just ravished the other GLA base by moving that group up the path you mined earlier. After many skirmishes on the mountain passes you'll finally reach the top, which is mostly flat land with a sprawling GLA base built atop it.

The scar of my nuclear blast with the remainder of my forces about to end the campaignIt's not so hard. If you see a scud launcher, destroy it. Focus on enemy units and then the buildings. The GLA won't be able to pump out enough to slow you down so much that you can't accomplish your goal: destroy all the GLA buildings. Note that stinger sites and tunnel networks don't have to be destroyed, you just may like to eliminate them for tactical purposes.

When everything's done, you've defeated the Chinese campaign and can continue on to GLA.

User-Submitted Tips:

From Ivan Druzhkov:

"I thought I should mention that if your cash reserves never grow to or over $5000, the GLA won't fire their Scud Storm, even if it's ready.

For extra supplies, there's a big Supply Dock to the north of the ravine your units start out in, and in the center of the city near the GLA base there's two Oil Derricks and a bunch of crates. However, I usually have so much of a problem with defense that I don't even bother moving anywhere into the city and just rely on Hackers.

I had a similar experience with the supplies in the city. It's either early defense or the attack run I perform to finish off the GLA. Of course, if you build a supply dock and manage to get your money back from it, you've diverted GLA attacks from your main base and hopefully made some profit.

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