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Mission 3: A Flood of Violence

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the Dam, then the GLA Base

Focus all your firepower on the dam to bring it down for good.When you get control, immediately begin construction of a command center then take most (not all) of your forces southeast to destroy the Dam. Just have every unit focus fire on it and it'll go down pretty quickly. While they're firing you can choose your general's promotions: I recommend repair, cluster mines and one level in the artillery barrage. Do not use the mines or artillery until later in the mission (I'll tell you a good time)! After the dam's destroyed you'll view a short cutscene then be told to Destroy the GLA base. When you get control again, take your infantry and put them into the bunker and lighthouse to the south of your base. Put all your tanks between the lighthouse and bunker to further defend that area. Don't worry about the north just yet, as the GLA can't attack until the water drains from the river and you have a little time to get some more troops.

Your command center should be almost done at this point. When it is, build a nuclear reactor and get another construction dozer. Your second dozer can start on a barracks when it's ready. By that time your first dozer should be done and can start on a supply center. This is a good start for most situations with China. Try to put the supply center just a bit away from the supply dock (not too close, give your trucks some room to move) and pump out a few more supply trucks to improve income gathering. You can build a second supply center on the other side of the supply dock to greatly increase income gathering as the second drop-off point will be a huge boost.

The water shouldn't quite be down low enough to allow passage by the GLA forces across the river, so you can prepare your defenses for when they come. You should be able to see a good place to build one gatling cannon and one bunker (loaded with tank hunters) before too long. Take a look at the screenshot here to get a good idea.

Defend this area so the GLA can't cross and attack your base.You're pretty well defended now and can focus on getting up a military sufficient to seriously cripple the GLA. Get a war factory and build seven battlemasters and three gatling tanks. I know it seems like a lot, but on this map the GLA have many scorpion tanks with which to fight you. You started with two battlemasters so you really only need to build 5 more. Repair the ones you already have if they've taken damage not with the repair ability but by sending them into the war factory. Another thing you should do, while your vehicles are being built, is drop mines on the bridge the GLA will be crossing. By the time you get to where you'll need them again it should be ready to use once more.Cross the bridge but keep your forces together so they don't get singled out by enemy scorpion tanks

Now we're going to do a little playing around with Black Lotus. She's the girl in blue you saw during the first cutscene. Learning to use her will be a big advantage on the next mission and during any game as China, as she's their special unit. Hotkey her to her own group with your battlemasters and gatling tanks in their own groups, so you can focus their fire where it's needed.

Cross the bridge with your forces but above all else, keep them together. Singled out battlemasters can easily get horded by scorpions and destroyed. When you're across the bridge destroy the small tower and building the GLA have garrisoned, keeping your eye out for tanks. The GLA will probably send some after you but if you have kept your forces tight the battlemasters will destroy them swiftly.

Now that the area is secured you'll probably notice that you have a large cash reserve to spend. Use it! Build an airstrip and pump out some tank hunters to garrison in some of the buildings in the city. That way if your attack fails the GLA will have to put down your resistance before they can fight your base (see the next screenshot for a really good spot. With at least six tank hunters and four red guard in a building they can probably destroy a few scorpions before the building is lost. This is a good fallback as it will effectively cut off the GLA supplies until your units are lost, and even if the building is destroyed they can scramble to garrison another one.

Note the mines to the south and the selected building, this is a good spot to defend before you push the final attackWhen your airfield is done build four MiGs and proceed with your original attack force toward the area designated in the screenshot to the right. When you get here, again: secure the area. Some of your tanks might be damaged. This is a good time to get them together and use the repair ability. Wait until your MiGs are done before you proceed. Another thing i wanted to point out in the screenshot are the mines to the south. This is a good spot to lay some as the GLA will have to go over them to get to your forces. Sneaky, huh? Build extra tanks of the sort you are lacking if the GLA have managed to destroy any of your forces. Reinforce the tanks guarding the GLA supply stash.

Use black lotus' stealth capabilities to scout out a good spot to attack with your artillery, just keep her clear of the blast zoneNow, since Black Lotus' stealth capabilities aren't detectable by the GLA when she's not using her skills, she can sneak closer to the GLA base to show you a good target for both your MiGs and artillery strike. Don't attack their supply stash, but if you see a large concentration of forces like the one in the screenshot to the left, use it! You can even focus some fire from your migs on such an area to initiate the firestorm (control+click on the ground in the center of them to deal insane damage).

Make sure you've got a total of seven battlemasters and three gatling tanks, like you stared with. Move your forces south, into the GLA base, once your tank hunters are in the building I pointed out. Remember to keep them together and the GLA shouldn't really stand a chance as you've crippled them economically.

Once things are under control use black lotus to capture the GLA structures while your forces put down any further reistanceWhen your forces are securely in the center of the base use Black Lotus to capture the Arms Dealer (screenshot, right). It'll be the building spitting out scorpion tanks. Just make sure you keep her with your forces so you can protect her. When the building is yours and you, hopefully, have some tanks left, you're pretty much assured victory. Just use Black Lotus to capture the barracks next, then the command center, while your attack force guards her.

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