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Mission 1: The Dragon Awakes

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the Nuclear Warhead Facility

You start with more than enough troops to defeat the GLA. You don't have a lot to do on this one, as is common on RTS first missions. You start with plenty of cash, more than enough Red Guard, and three dragon tanks. You'll want some more firepower to back you up on your attempt to destroy the facility. You'll be given everything you need on this mission, but you should build some extra troops to guard your base. Here's what I recommend: eight tank hunters, two battlemaster tanks and ten red guard. Use the g key to set them to guard the entrance to your base. I very highly doubt you'll need them, but it's possible the enemy will attack you. You can also select a general's promotion. I recommend the repair ability, so you can fix your tanks.

Now you can begin the journey to the nuclear warhead facility. Take ten red guard and the dragon tanks for your assault. Put the dragon tanks on point as they can toast any infantry that gets in your way. Hit the 'g' key to guard area right where your troops are that will be under attack. They'll stop and prepare to destroy the incoming enemy. Head out of your base to the southeast, toward the bridge. Don't worry if you see technicals or GLA troops in your path, the dragon tanks will roast them.

This mountain pass leads to your target.When you reach the bridge, you'll want to roast the GLA tunnel network. You'll then be granted command of five battlemaster tanks. Put your three unit types into three separate groups (so you can focus their fire at appropriate targets) and continue across the bridge. If you've moved quickly, you may encounter no resistance along the path to the northwest. If you do, just focus all your troops' fire on the opposition. When you reach the mountain pass, (see picture) you'll want to take your troops up it slowly should you encounter any GLA. When you get to the end, destroy any GLA forces that attack, then focus all your firepower on the facility to destroy it. Mission Complete.

User-Submitted Tips:

From Seraph:

Don't forget to explore the map, there are more than a few goodies that you can pick up along the way that will aid you massively in your fight...

I didn't consider it would be needed, although I didn't consider that some might have a lot of difficulty even with the first mission if they're new to RTS. If you are having trouble beating the enemy (even on normal) you can find an oil derrick near the bridge. Capture it with your red guard to gather the extra funds.

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