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Mission 2: Hong Kong Crisis

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Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the Convention Center and its Attached Parking Structures

Start your base right on the field.This mission will be easy, similar to the last, although you'll probably encounter more enemies during your journey to the convention center than to the nuke facility. This is also your first time building your own base, which you should start immediately. Build it right on the field! I recommend you start with a command center and barracks then build a nuke power plant right when the barracks is done. Now build a supply center to start gathering cash. When it's done, you can build an extra truck or two to speed up the collection process. You can select a general's promotion now and I recommend you take whatever you like, just avoid the red guard training. Repair or Artillery barrage are far more useful for this mission.

Defend this corner to slow down the GLA and prevent them reaching your base.You should start pumping out some soldiers to soften up the GLA and defend your base. Once you pump out at least 10 red guard and 5 tank hunters you can take the forces you started with, leaving your newly created units at home, to defend the area near the convention center and cut off the GLA for the time being. If you take the road to the northeast you'll come to a good spot to defend. The soldiers you started with can all fit inside the building at the corner before the bridge (see picture). The tank can be set to guard the area near that building so as to help damage any incoming vehicles.

Now build the radar add-on at the command center you recently built so you can see the minimap. You're probably wanting some tanks in your army now and should definitely make a war factory your next priority. Don't build any tanks just yet, but do get the building constructed. Another thing you can do, once the funds are rolling in, is build a gatling cannon near the building you've garrisoned by the bridge. This will make it even harder on the GLA to penetrate the defense here, making it highly useful for preventing terrorist attacks on your base. When construction of that is complete you should select it and build the land mines upgrade. This will make it more defensible against any terrorist suicide bombers. Sometime during all this a train will come with some reinforcements for you, but it's only about ten red guard. The interesting thing is that this train will continue to drop off more soldiers during the mission. Save them for the end.

Build your first tank and pump out about four of them in total. When the first tank is done building you'll be shown the location of a GLA Arms Dealer, which is producing toxin tractors. At this point they may attack the building you've garrisoned with your soldiers, and can kill them with one shot. Don't worry too much if you lose them as they're hardly necessary now. Take your four tanks, when complete, and head to the GLA Arms Dealer to the northeast. You shouldn't have much trouble here. Just focus the fire of your tanks on any tractors that come at you. When the building's destroyed you can head back to your base and repair your tanks by having them enter your war factory.

Now it's time to take down the GLA for good. Build two more gatling tanks while your battlemasters are repairing. You could also nab one more battlemaster to give them the horde bonus. Five battlemasters and two gatling tanks will be plenty to take down the GLA.

Attack the covention center with all your might, but leave your forces near each other for better protection.Take your vehicles as well as the probably 20+ red guard the train has been dropping off all along and head toward the convention center, putting your gatling tanks up front. You'll want to stop when you get near the bridge as the GLA likely have some terrorists ready to attack your vehicles. Just inch your away across and hit the 's' key to stop immediately if you see something running toward your forces!

Once you've crossed the bridge, if you have the artillery barrage use it on the convention center to soften it up a bit. You'll probably want to take out the GLA buildings that are to the southeast of this area first though, to stop them from building reinforcements. Focus your fire from the tanks on the convention center and parking garages, keeping the red guard and gatling tanks ready to protect your forces from incoming terrorists. Before too long you should have all the buildings destroyed and have secured your victory over Mission 2.

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