Staff Positions Available

C&C Labs has been proudly supporting fans of Command & Conquer ever since we were founded in March of 2002. The website -- originally known as CNC Generals World -- sure has evolved a lot since then. We would not have lasted this long if it weren't for the hard work of our staff and contributors over the years, not to mention the undying interest of "CNC" fans like you.

Fansites have always been a part of the Command & Conquer community: a community for the fans, by the fans. Without fans' help and support, this website, even the community as a whole, could not exist.

It is in this spirit that we ask interested visitors to apply for staff positions at C&C Labs: the spirit of helping to make this website a better place for our visitors — a better place for fans of Command & Conquer.

Fans interested in rising to this challenge may contact Mike at mike[-at-] Available staff positions may be found in, but are not limited to, the list below:

  • C&C Content Manager:
    We're looking for someone to manage our Command & Conquer content pages.  Interest in the next Command & Conquer game is a must! Good English skills and knowledge of HTML are also plusses.
  • News Editors:
    Responsible for updating the news on the C&C Labs homepage, including news about other C&C fansites.
  • Mappers:
    For those interested in creating high-quality Generals, Zero Hour, C&C3, or Kane's Wrath maps for C&C Labs.
  • Map Reviewers:
    Responsible for reviewing C&C maps submitted to the website for quality, and approving them for inclusion in our downloads section. You can be a reviewer for one or more C&C games.
  • Tutorial Contributors:
    C&C Labs is interested in expanding our collection of mapping- and modding-related tutorials.  Qualified visitors interested in contributing to this section would serve as valuable members of the Generals World Staff team. 
  • Modders:
    Positions for map and mission makers, UI designers, and more may be available. Please contact Blbpaws[-at-] for all modding-related inquiries, including information on having your mod hosted on Generals World.

Not interested in joining the staff but still want to contribute to C&C Labs and the C&C community? Learn how you can.

"To truly shape the future you must first possess the past."