Contribute to C&C Labs

Interested in helping out the C&C community by contributing to C&C Labs? Here are a few ways you can help us and your fellow Command & Conquer fans out:

  • Post topics and answer questions in the Forums.  The C&C Labs Forums are teeming with discussions both advanced and novice.  While many of our members are skilled mappers and modders and talented members of the community, a sizeable portion of our visitors are in fact new to the world of C&C.  By answering mapping, modding, or other technical questions posted in the forums, you contribute by helping our new visitors learn how to create maps and mods of their own.
  • Submit your own maps and missions. If you've created your own map or singleplayer mission, we'd be more than happy to accept it into our downloads section - after we play-test it, of course! We enjoy accepting quality Command & Conquer maps and missions into our downloads area so that they can be shared with fellow C&C addicts.
  • Send us your own mod - large or small! We're glad to accept all types of mods here at C&C Labs. Even if your mod just makes a few interesting changes to some units, we'll gladly upload it to our downloads area. Feel free to email your files to our Mod Manager, Blbpaws (blbpaws[-at-] 

    If your mod is on a larger scale, we'd also be happy to consider hosting it for you! For any mod hosting inquiries, please contact our Mod Manager (blbpaws[-at-]
  • Get the inside scoop by joining the staff! We're always looking for talented individuals to help us make C&C Labs better for everyone. To apply for a position, just send us an email. To see a list of our current staff members, click here.
  • Any number of other ways! We're always open to new ideas! Feel free to email C&C Labs' Founder at mike[-at-]