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— Sunday, March 30, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 8:36:44 AM ET

Kane's Wrath Reviews

I've come across four reviews of Kane's Wrath. Here they are, with the score from each:
DarkZero Score: 7/10
IGN Score: 7.9/10
GameSpot Score: 7.5/10
GameSpy Score: 3/5

So Kane's Wrath has been faring decently, though by no means very well. Essentially, the consensus seemed to be that it was good in some places, but that there were a number of flaws that kept it from having the sheer excitement and gameplay value of great games. Still, for a C&C fan, it's probably an enjoyable enough experience.

— Thursday, March 27, 2008 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:52:06 AM ET

Kane's Wrath Launch Guide

EA has posted a launch guide for Kane's Wrath, Command & Conquer 3's newly released expansion pack. The guide includes information about how to get in to the Red Alert 3 beta test and how to get technical support for Kane's Wrath. It also includes backlinks to 13 unit spotlights that were released over the past several weeks.

You can check it all out here.

Also, BattleCast Primetime Episode 8 debuts on CommandAndConquer.com Friday, where Raj Joshi finally lays down the gauntlet against David Silverman (check out the YouTube teaser).
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— Monday, March 24, 2008 —

Posted By: Phe0n1x at 7:21:45 AM ET

Open Map Competition 4 Results

CNC Community recently posted the top 29 maps in the Open Map Competition 4. This Open Map Competition was for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. We at Generals World have uploaded the top ten to our Maps section. Congratulations to all who won.

The Top Ten are as follows (links are to our server):

1st: Wind Of Desolation by JBV3737
2nd: KB Corrupted State by King Base
3rd: Bloodbath Canyon by razorblade001
4th: Damned Nations
by Dojynn
5th: Forsaken Lands Of Tiberium
by JBV3737
6th: Tiberium Erosion
by JBV3737
7th: Ante Portas
by General Aurum
8th: KB FoxHunt
by King Base
9th: London Broil
by wsted439
10th: KB The Fine Line
by King Base
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— Saturday, March 22, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:00:59 PM ET

Previews, Promos and Prizes

  • Gamespy has a Kane's Wrath preview up that has some details on the nature of the singleplayer campaign.
    While we've only played through the first four missions of the 13-mission Kane's Wrath campaign, a couple of things have become quite quite clear almost from the very first. First, this is not an expansion pack for newbies. The very first mission of the campaign ("The Rio Insurrection") drops the player right into the middle of the map and challenges the commander with first capturing four radio stations and knocking out four GDI command and control centers and then defending their exposed position against one of the NOD splinter groups that are operating out of Brazil. It's pretty fast and furious and requires the player to instantly adapt their playstyle to the lightning-quick C&C3 pace.
    You can read it here.
Promos: Prizes
  • The Open Map Competition--the biggest community mapping competition--is announcing its results. Congratulations to the winner, JBV3737, for his winning map, Wind of Desolation. It was the top-ranked map by four of the five judges. You can view all the results here. He'll get a nice prize package of some old C&C games and guides. Unfortunately, his map won't be featured in Kane's Wrath. Though EA initially was very supportive of the idea and of the OMC, they've--for an undisclosed reason--elected not to include winning Open Map Competition maps in Kane's Wrath. This is a shame, because the maps, even those that didn't win, are of a truly high quality and unique nature and would have been an excellent addition. Hopefully EA will correct their mistake in a forthcoming patch.

— Saturday, March 15, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 9:05:49 AM ET

Command School and RA3 Interview

The latest edition of Command School has been released by EA. It features Kane's Wrath strategies exclusively and gives some nice insight into tactics that might pop up. You can get it from the official C&C site.

Also, Executive Producer of Red Alert 3, Chris Corry, granted an interview to IGN:
IGN: Red Alert 3 was recently revealed. It's been a while since the last one, hasn't it?

Chris Corry: There actually hasn't been a Red Alert game for a little while now; it's been seven years. It's kind of interesting reintroducing the world to Red Alert. For those who are already familiar with Red Alert games and their place in the C&C universe, certainly Red Alert 3 is going to be everything that the hardcore fans have been looking for. It's going to have that trademark, light, humorous, fun, Saturday matinee popcorn feel to it, with live-action cinematics and all these great actors chewing up the stage.
You can read the full interview--it's a pretty good one and also includes three screenshots--at IGN.

— Monday, March 10, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:38:13 PM ET

Kane's Wrath Goes Gold

Congratulations to the EALA development team! Their expansion pack for C&C 3, entitled C&C 3: Kane's Wrath has gone GOLD! For those unfamiliar with the term, it means that the game has passed all internal testing and is ready to be played by fans around the world. The game will arrive on March 26th in the US.

In other Kane's Wrath news, Gamespot has a new gameplay and Full Motion Video trailer available for your viewing pleasure.

— Wednesday, March 5, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:51:56 PM ET

Kane's Wrath Updates from EA

  • The biggest news item recently was the release of the C&C 3: Kane's Wrath developer's podcast. Producer Jim Vessella answers 10 questions from the EA forums in this 20 minute episode.
  • Nod's stealth artillery unit, the Spectre, has been featured on the latest KW Unit Spotlight.
  • All the C&C 3 trailers have been uploaded by EA here, in both standard and high definition.

— Saturday, March 1, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 7:02:39 AM ET

News Roundup

Some recent items of note, for both Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3:
  • Community Manager Aaron "Apoc" Kaufman wants to know if you liked the Unit Spotlights for C&C 3. Should he continue them for Red Alert 3? Tell him here. Speaking of which, there's a new Kane's Wrath unit spotlight here.
  • Episode 7 of Battlecast Primetime is available here, with features on Kane's Wrath, C&C 3, and RA3.
  • There's a short article from C&C Lead Story Designer Sam Bass available here about the making of the story in Kane's Wrath. Not a ton of new info (only one real piece which I won't spoil but that I think was known a while back), but it's a good overview of what their goals are for the Kane's Wrath story.
  • Gamespot has a short preview of the Nod subfactions. Not a ton of new info, but a good overview.
  • A new C&C Bug Database is online. Sounds like an ambitious project. Check it out when you get the chance.