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— Saturday, March 22, 2008 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:00:59 PM ET

Previews, Promos and Prizes

  • Gamespy has a Kane's Wrath preview up that has some details on the nature of the singleplayer campaign.
    While we've only played through the first four missions of the 13-mission Kane's Wrath campaign, a couple of things have become quite quite clear almost from the very first. First, this is not an expansion pack for newbies. The very first mission of the campaign ("The Rio Insurrection") drops the player right into the middle of the map and challenges the commander with first capturing four radio stations and knocking out four GDI command and control centers and then defending their exposed position against one of the NOD splinter groups that are operating out of Brazil. It's pretty fast and furious and requires the player to instantly adapt their playstyle to the lightning-quick C&C3 pace.
    You can read it here.
Promos: Prizes
  • The Open Map Competition--the biggest community mapping competition--is announcing its results. Congratulations to the winner, JBV3737, for his winning map, Wind of Desolation. It was the top-ranked map by four of the five judges. You can view all the results here. He'll get a nice prize package of some old C&C games and guides. Unfortunately, his map won't be featured in Kane's Wrath. Though EA initially was very supportive of the idea and of the OMC, they've--for an undisclosed reason--elected not to include winning Open Map Competition maps in Kane's Wrath. This is a shame, because the maps, even those that didn't win, are of a truly high quality and unique nature and would have been an excellent addition. Hopefully EA will correct their mistake in a forthcoming patch.