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— Thursday, February 3, 2005 —

Posted By: Luckie at 4:34:31 AM ET

Luckie's (becoming less rare) News Roundup

  • Blitzkrieg II has released several new screenshots. Click here to check them out!
  • The Great Trench War has released some great new renders. Click here for more info!
  • CNC Series is in need of staff. They need a news poster. If you are interested, then click here. This what they require:
    -Be a registered member of the site. -Be able to speak and write competently (emphasis on the latter). -Be able to spend 10-15 minutes every day browsing pertinant sites in the communtiy looking for the latest unsubstaniated rumours...I mean news. -Any other menial task that pops into my head (Alright, that's not really a requirement).

  • Anthrax of CNC Source has released his remix of Demolition, from C&C Dawn. The mp3 is located here (7.3mb).
  • IGN is confirming that a new C&C game is on the horizon. When visiting the University of Florida campus, EA let slip the current projects that they are working on:
    While providing an overview of their business and internship opportunities on Thursday, January 27, EA talked openly about the previously unconfirmed From Russia With Love, confirmed another James Bond game in development at EA's LA studio, an RPG sequel to Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, two new Sims 2 expansions, a new Command and Conquer RTS, and best yet, a non-sports game from football development studio, Tiburon.

    Well, thats all I have time for today. More updates soon if someone wants to do some :) (Hint hint)
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