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— Monday, January 24, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:38:15 PM ET

01/24/05- Another Roundup

Another Roundup from the last few days:
  • Lion, from CNC DEN has announced a new DEN site he will be running, PETRODEN. It will cover the game Empire at War, made by Petroglyph Games which consists of nineteen former Westwood Studios employees (of 23 on their staff). CNC DEN also has a new war story, new replays, a new map, and a new mod (for Vanilla Generals only).
  • CNC Holland annouces that they will be doing a version 1.7 of their mod soon, the last one before version 2.0 is released.
  • Cold War Crisis has a new render up, showcasing their Mig-25 Foxbat.
  • The First Tiberium War has released some new screens, showcasing the MRLS, among others.
  • Vietnam Reborn has four new renders up, showing the AH1 Cobra, the F105 Jet, and others.
  • PCTeen1, from An Act of War has a new render up of the MH60, a varient of the UH-60 Blackhawk.
  • The Great Trench War is showcasing their movable cannons.
  • The Dead 6 mod team is going to be holding two Q&A chats this week. Head to their site for details.
  • Matze has released v0.31 of his FinalBIG editor that allows for BIG extraction and editing. It works for Generals, Zero Hour, and Battle for Middle-Earth., and the new version comes with a W3D viewer. More info and the download can be found here.